September 9, 2014

Rustic Shower for a Baby Boy!

Several weeks ago, I hosted a rustic little boy baby shower for one of my dear friends. In fact, it's a friend who I'd previously hosted a bridal shower for almost exactly 2 years ago! Isn't that fun?! I love love love showers and I adore celebrating the special events in life (marriage! babies!). The shower turned out to be so cute and a lot of fun. It almost made me want a baby boy :). 

Last week, I shared the dessert bar with you, which was styled on my brand-new Sauder dresser. You can read all about it here.

My shower co-host was another dear friend who runs a local bakery. She's SO talented and made all the desserts for the party. They were tasty and so pretty! I love the ruffled cake, especially. And, one of her new cupcake flavors is chocolate chip cookie dough. And, yes, it was as good as it sounds! If you live in DFW, check her out here.

Of course, I had to decorate my mantel for the occasion! The cute banner was a Groopdealz find from a vendor called The Paper Shoppe. It looks like blue lettering, but really it's silver letters on kraft paper. So cute!

My friend and I bought a wood burner for the occasion and had fun personalizing some wooden accents for the shower. The mom and dad are Angela & Adam, hence the A2=H (for baby Hamilton). Cute touch, huh?

The lemonade bar was one of my favorite features! We put out a big pitcher of lemonade (plus tea and water) and added fresh fruit and flavored syrups. Everyone made their own lemonade concoctions. Super easy and refreshing!

To keep with our rustic theme, we gathered our mason jars and used those for the drinks. Easy-breezy! The flavored syrups were found at World Market.

The tissue paper garland was an easy craft project and I love how it turned out! In fact, it's still hanging on my chalkboard door :). The tutorial I used is here.

No shower is complete without food. Homemade pimento cheese, chicken salad, veggies and the cutest little individual fruit parfaits made for a yummy spread! We used our wood burner and small wooden tags to label the food.

Another sweet touch was using baby pictures of the mom and dad. We hung these on a chicken wire with a free printable I snagged here. The great thing about this free printable is that it's completely customizable! You get to pick the name, monogram and both colors...and then you print it on cardstock. Such fun, inexpensive party decor!! Plus, it made a nice gift for the new mom to use in the nursery.

Details, details! Basically, we tucked paper flowers, rustic decor or baby's breath everywhere we could! The color palette stayed consistent with navy + neutrals (and the smallest pop of yellow). 

Instead of a game, we printed out color sheets in A-Z. Each attendee colored a page and added a sweet message to the new baby. After the shower, we laminated the sheets and made them into baby's first ABC book. It worked out really well! 

No party is complete without paper favors! For this shower, I made homemade salsa and canned them in little 4oz jars. To complete the look, I designed 2 inch circular labels for the tops. Cute and fairly inexpensive, especially if you find a deal on the jars. Salsa can be made for pennies/ounce. My homemade salsa recipe can be found here.
If you're interested in some Temper Tantrum salsa labels for your upcoming shower, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to customize these for a small fee! 

Don't you just love baby showers?! Now I can't wait to meet baby Hamilton!!


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  1. Emily I absolutely love everything about this!!!! The dessert table, the party favors, the way that you set out the mason jars for lemonade!!! Beautiful

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle!! You are too kind :)

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