October 9, 2014

Black & White Halloween Ideas

Today I'm sharing a round-up of black & white ideas for Halloween, created by some of my favorite crafty friends! For my contribution, I made a trio of printables, especially for this spooooky month. Bats and candy corn and freebies...oh my! 

(Get the set here!)
To see a few other fun black & white ideas and tutorials, click directly on the photos below!

The Happy Housie That's What Che Said... 52 Mantels Bombshell Bling The Cards We Drew Dimple Prints Giggles Galore Girl Loves Glam Giggles Galore Image Map  
Girl Loves Glam | The Happy Housie | That's What {Che} Said | 52 Mantels | Bombshell Bling | The Cards We Drew | Dimple Prints | Giggles Galore

Who's hosting a Halloween bash? These projects make me want to get something planned!


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52 Mantels
52 Mantels
52 Mantels
52 Mantels

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  1. Love the bats, perfect for Halloween! We always host an annual Halloween party, it's one of my favorite times of the year!

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  3. I love the harmony of white and black to me. Very nice design, thank you for sharing.

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