52 Mantel Countdown

The name, 52 Mantels, developed from a personal challenge to restyle my mantel on a weekly basis. After 52 mantel changes in a year, Mantel Monday was retired. Now just the occasional, seasonal mantelscape appears. (Whew...what a relief!)

Want to see my progress? Click on each picture to get the full mantel details!


  1. Emily I am trying to figure out what to do with my Mantel between Valentine's and Easter...got any good ideas?

  2. Hmm....I have special occasion mantels on deck for the next several weeks so I haven't thought about it much, but you could do something sort of neutral. I have several items that I use year round (mirror, candlesticks, vases, etc). Or, you could do St. Patty's day, if you're into that. Or, you could do a tiny bit of Spring, but mostly neutral. So many possibilities, really!!

  3. I have found Mantle Heaven! I'm pinning all of these!
    You are one awesome lady.

  4. I LOVE these ideas!! I'm very ecletic,, so they are perfect for my sense of style! so awesome! thank you!

  5. You are one crafty young lady! I'm super duper impressed with your decorating skills. I love the free printables too. I stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest! :)
    I added you to my google+. :)


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