About Me

Hi, my name is Emily, but I've also been called Em, Ems, Emmy and AimeeAmberTaylor-oh whatever your name is! (that last one only by mother). 

I'm momma to one spirited, curly-haired, almost-three year old and the wife to one stud of a husband. 

I'm a night-owl NICU nurse, turned early-to-bed, stay-at-home mom. 

I pepper my emails with two many !s and :)s. 

Sometimes I cry during Disney commercials. But, give me a break, those things are rough. 

I'm married to a man who's never once cried during a Disney commercial. He's really brave like that.

I am a lover of things: babies, paint, forgiveness, the Internet, kindness, ballet flats, mercy, cardigans, friendship, big bags, pretty photographs, community, second chances, Jesus, iced coffee, regular coffee, chocolate...those kinds of things. 

I'm a disliker of things too. Things like: decaf coffee (what a waste!), tight jeans (give me some stretch, I've earned it), that crumbly junk at the bottom of my purse (seriously, what is that stuff?), reality TV fights (honestly. I can't take it) and the phrases "panties in a wad" and "suck it up" (gross. And, I don't wanna suck it up. You suck it up.). 

To sum it up, I'm an over-caffineated, sensitive, Christian momma. Let's be friends!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll sit and stay awhile. 


  1. Oh my gosh your daughter has the most beautiful big eyes ever! I cant wait to read more of your blog:)

  2. Love your blog. Your daughter is so sweet. So glad you have the opportunity to be home with her.


    oh, becoming a follower to keep up on all your great creations!

  3. Your baby is adorable. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Well, I'm not that far from you ~ I'm a bit west of the airport (DFW). Your daughter is totally adorable! I think it's fantastic that you are able to stay home with her most of the time. They're only little once and so very precious.


  5. Hi, Emily, your baby is a DOLL! I loved reading all about you! Blessings to you! -holly @ Bella Nest

  6. What a totally gorgeous family!!! and your baby is just sooo beautiful!!! Thanks so much for visiting!! xo Cindy

  7. I just moved to Houston from DFW. Found your pretty blog at the Cherished Treasures linky party. I'm following, would love to have you stop by the farmhouse porch if you have the time.

  8. Just found your blog tonight! Love it! From what I can tell, you just started your blog in September? So did we :) My sister and I are doing it together... still trying to figure it all out! I hope we can keep in touch and I'd love it if you checked out some of my mantels and tell me what you think :) I'm your newest follower! - Holly

  9. Hi Emily!!! Thank you for such a sweet comment you left me. It made me smile from within!
    I can't wait to read more of your blog! Your daughter is beautiful!! & very photogenic. I am so glad you can be home with her so much. I know people have told you to enjoy each & every moment, but really just be absorbed by all of it! My boys are 21 and 19 and I look back and realized that I really only had them for a very very short amount of time. :( Luckily my little sister had a little boy almost 2 years ago and I've thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment with Kason!
    I hope you have a very blessed day! :)

  10. Oh yeah, I'm your newest follower too! :)

  11. Your daughter is adorable!! We just moved from NE of Fort Worth to N Oklahoma a year ago! LOVE the DFW area!


  12. You have a beautiful family. Very cool that you're in the DFW area! We are in FW and enjoying it! Thanks for sharing your life ;)


  13. what a great family you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your baby is sooooooooooooooo super cute!!!

  14. What gorgeous photos! I just read your comment at Lark's Country Heart (Lark's one of my good ebuds) at her coconut/lime slushie post and wanted to tell you my hubby is diabetic too...I have a recipe at my blog for almost-sugarless sweetened condensed milk...and you can add however much you like. I LOOVE it! I just made 'magic cookie bars' on top of a sugar free brownie base today and they turned out great. Stop by my blog - use the search engine for homemade sweetened condensed milk and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I'm always thrilled and blessed to cross paths with another sister in the Lord. =) www.thebetterbaker.blogspot.com

  15. I think we have a lot of the same likes ;) Iced coffee is a MUST for this mama. Love your blog!!

  16. Hello Emily,
    I am new at blogging so maybe I did something wrong, but, when I paste your blog link party button code in my website, either in my html post or widget, it doesn't show up, only the writing does. My website is www.infoformydaughters.com only a little blank square showed up in my sidebar when I pasted your code in my text widget. I would love to have your advise on this.

  17. Hi! I was just checking to see if you would be interested in doing a Scentsy Review/giveaway? Please let me know and we could discuss the details. Thanks!

  18. Hi Em! I'm stopping by your lovely blog and wanted to thank you for hosting your Thursdays parties! You have a beautiful family!
    Those eyes on your daughter... Great to "meet" you online and is always great to meet other loving Jesus moms ;)


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