February 24, 2012

A "Tweet" Bird-Themed First Birthday Party!

Yay! It's Friday. And, Friday is the day I said I'd show you all the birthday deets. And, show I shall!

But, first, let me just say that I love all parties.

I love homemade cake, crepe paper streamers, cardboard hat, parties.

I love Party City, pretty pink princess, everything's included, parties.

I love happy birthday, here's your favorite pie and a funny card, parties.

And, I love elaborate, let's call TLC because we're going for broke and we want you to witness every moment, parties.

I just love parties. Why? Because, a party is all about celebrating someone. The entire idea behind a birthday party is that you're saying...gee, the world is a better place with you in it.

And, what's not to love about that?? So, maybe that explains why my daughter's very first birthday party has been so special to me.

 Because, gee, the world is a better place with her in it. 

For the love of my daughter, I actually baked something more challenging than is typical for me: Iced Sugar Cookies. I rolled the dough out and everything. And, then I made icing. In my stand mixer. And, piped that icing onto the cookies with the authority of Martha Stewart.

And, I only grumbled once.

Or, twice.

But, rest assured, no one else was awake.

Because, it was 3am.

That, dear friends, is true, maternal love.

I decided to just make party favors for the little kids. And, though you can't see through that pink "grass", the party favors were butterfly-shaped crayons that I made in a butterfly muffin pan (I was pretty excited to find any variety of flying creature, nevermind it wasn't a bird). Oh, and said muffin pan was silicone and only $2. Win-Win.

(I should mention that this was a dollar tree, dollar spot, dollar bin affair!).

A few things to note: I have the single most difficult kitchen to photograph in. I swear my walls aren't painted dark, avocado green. The middle picture is probably the most true representation of my actual wall color. Just had to throw that out there. Second, my ruffled table runner was a project of the no-sew variety. I'm debating sharing my tutorial because, how practical is a table runner held together with hot-glue??

(But, it sure is pretty!)

For Merritt's wishing tree, I used an after Christmas bargain tree and Michaels dollar bin tags.

Details, details. Yes, I filled my DIY Display Lamp for the occasion. Yes, I scored with the most perfect free printable from The Handmade Home.  Yes, I made a wreath just for the party...and, added one of the cute birdie invitations for good measure!

See how happy Sweet Baby is eating that cake?? Every late night...so worth it.

(Cute, customized bib from Head Over Heels!)

I didn't get a full picture of my party girl in her party outfit. Bummer! She found the beads from the photobooth fairly early and they didn't leave her neck until nap time. But, I'll just say her outfit was pretty stinkin' cute. Why, yes. Yes, she is wearing a baby scarf around her baby neck. Thank you H&M. In fact, thank you H&M for the dress, leggings and cardigan.

I made the headband and my sister sewed the "1" to her cardigan.

Remember when I raved about Village Cupcakes? Well, they provided me with the cute cupcake toppers. I love how they turned out! And, I made the name bunting for M's cupcake.

And, let's not forget the photobooth fun! I simply hung leftover wallpaper on a large wall with thumbtacks, covered the ugly sides with crepe paper and shopped my house (and the dollar spot) for props. It turned out to be a lot of fun!

If you're just now joining us, the mantel details can be found here.

(PS. I've had some questions about the large bird. It's actually part of her nursery decor and it was made from MDF and covered with paper. My father-in-law jigsawed it out for me. Email me if you have any specific questions)

The timeline details can be found here, in case you're dying to read all about it!

If you've read this far, pat yourself on the back!! That was one wordy, picture-heavy post!!

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes everyone's sent me this week for my precious girl. I really appreciate every. single. one. of your kind words!

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  1. Unbelievably gorgeous!! GENIUS!!! LOVE IT!!

  2. What wonderful memories! I am glad you took so many pictures - Merritt will be able to enjoy her 1st birthday again when she is older!

  3. So happy to be your newest follower! Just found you on twitter too and I'm thrilled. How precious is your blog!?! Love the inspiration you're sharing with others.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  4. Seriously, this is so beautiful! When I have kids I think I want to hire you to come throw birthday parties for them! :)

  5. Can I come to her second birthday party?

    Rice crispy pops (and not the evil cake pops!)
    Table runner.... not everyone can sew and when I saw that I was like, oh I'll never have one. Then you tell me it's hot glued?????
    The different leaves on the tree branch.
    Sweet Baby with her face in the picture frame, and eating cake.


  6. It's perfect!! I LOVE hot glue projects :) I think you could call it fabric glue & it would be totally practical & tutorial worthy.

  7. You made everything look amazing!!! I love the table runner and the rice krispie pops. So creative and cute!

  8. I can say while the pictures make it look awesome, it was SO adorable in person! Excited about our party tomorrow!!

  9. ok. that is, seriously, one of THE cutest birthday parties EVER!!! how do you come up with all those gorgeous details?!?! my brain just isn't wired that way, even though i desperatly wish it was. love, love, love it.

  10. Everything looked so cute! Looks like a lot of work went into it. Great job! What a fun birthday.

  11. Emily, this is just the most amazing party ever!! You did a fabulous job!! Every last detail is just adorable! You are such a creative lady!! I can see that a LOT of love went into this! You should be proud!!

  12. Emily - THIS IS SO CUTE!! I am totally swooning over this party! I want a little girl to plan such a cute birthday for! The colors, the vintage touches, can somebody have a party for me like this?? LOL

  13. You really know how to throw a party! Everything is so cute, especially your little girl. I love the idea of the photo booth.

  14. I love it, I do. It is just so beautiful just like your daughter! Congrats on a great job!!

  15. I love this!!! This is exactly what I want to do every year for my both little guys birthdays(minus the pink)...and then something happens and nothing goes as planned! Wanna come decorate for me this year?!:D

  16. Um that is the cutest party EVER!!! Awesome job.

  17. Stopping by from the Grow your blog {blog Hop}! http://queenofsavings.com

  18. wow..beautiful..
    yes it really is a celebration of her!! happy birthday to your daughter.

  19. Beautiful! Pinning this for inspiration :)

  20. Yay Emily!!! Everything look fantastic... I {love} the One Year Timeline and yes, please on the hot glue gun ruffled runner (or e-me). LOL. Hugs from St. Louis. Talk to you soon!!!

  21. What a one.der.full party you gave the little one! Love all your decorations and she's just beautiful!

  22. What a beautiful party! I love the wishing tree idea...that'd be fun for a wedding reception even!! And the baby pic in the white birdie frame is just awesome. She is down right adorable...and I love the name Merritt!! Just awesome!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  23. Absolutely gorgeous party!! I L-O-V-E every single detail!! Amazing!!! I currently have a huge thing for birds, so as soon as I saw birds in your earlier posts about the party, I couldn't wait to see the final outcome!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm pinning it:) Thanks for sharing your daughter's wonderful day with us:)

  24. Wow...that was a big party for a very pretty little girl. Everyting looked so nice.

  25. Wow! What a beautiful 1st Birthday!! The pictures are beautiful-- wonderful memories! Love the birthday timeline! My daughter is turning one soon & wish we lived closer to family so we could do something like this!

  26. What a beautiful job on your baby's first birthday. She is an adorable little girl and you are a very talented mommy.

  27. What a fabulous party! Everything looks so pretty!
    Your daughter is adorable!

  28. Darling...beautiful...I'm in LOVE with your party details Emily!!! Oh my goodness and Merritt is just a total DOLL! XO, Aimee

  29. Oh good GRIEF, Emily! I knew it was going to be good, but this is not *good*, this ah-mazing!

    I will most definitely be featuring this on Friday.

    Fantastic job, my friend (and Merritt is too cute to be legal).

    Thanks for sharing at Feature Friday Free-for-all!

  30. Love this! We have our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday Link Party going on now and would love for you to share this! http://kitchenfunwithmy3sons.blogspot.com/2012/02/kitchen-fun-and-crafty-friday-link_23.html

  31. Everything is gorgeous! It looks like everyone had such a fun time! I'm already working on ideas for my sons's party and he's 6 months :)

  32. This is precious!!!!


  33. An absolutely beautiful 1st birthday! All your touches turned out so well...not to mention your flawless pictures! Great memories!

  34. What a gorgeous party you threw! I love the theme and the details are perfect :)

  35. How adorable is this party! So girly and sweet...I love it!

  36. Ok.. I totally thought I commented already. Im such a slacker.. who forgets to comment. Anyways.. I love this! I love every. little. detail! I want to go to parties like this.. and eat at least 6 of those cookies. :) Happy Birthday Merritt! Looks like she had a fab time!

  37. Thanks for linking up to my party at Jillify It!


  38. gorgeous party! what a lucky girl :)

  39. What a fantastic party! You did a wonderful job pulling together many beautiful elements. ~ Megan

  40. Just featured you, Emily!

    Great job, again! : )

  41. What an amazingly gorgeous party! As I was scrolling through I kept saying, "Oooooo... That's my favorite. No wait, that's my favorite.". Hahaha! It was all so perfect :)

  42. This is the most adorable birthday party EVER! I shared a link on my FB page. Too darn cute.

  43. I love this party-so adorable!!

  44. Oh wow! This is ridiculously wonderful! I love that you did so much yourself! That's my kind of party! And I absolutely would want to see the tutorial for the table runner! I'm a non-sewing gal, so that sounds right up my alley! In fact, if you ever want to share it on my blog as a guest post, just let me know! I'd be thrilled to have you!

  45. Absolutely gorgeous! I love every detail--especially the photo timeline.

  46. I know I have already said this...but....oh my word!! Incredible Emily! Thank you for sharing at Uncommon! Lovely!

    Bonnie ;)

  47. Congrats on your win! So.. I have to ask, how long did all this take you? : )

  48. This is the tweetest party I've ever seen! I love birds! She looks like she had an awesome time!

  49. Oh my ADORABLE!!! I did a bird room for a show home once, but this is unreal, amazing attention to detail. Thanks for linking up at Burlap & Denim!

  50. Cute Cute! I'm getting ready to do a first birthday party for my little girl, so I loved seeing everything! Fabulous! Smiles, Jill

  51. Now that I've found your site I can't seem to leave! What a darling birthday party... that mantel and the timeline... gorgeous! I'll have to check back for some ideas for my girls for their upcoming parties.

  52. Recently I took my son to a 1st birthday where they had a tv playing a musical show made from pictures of the child's 1st year. It had a storyline showing the baby grow up from a newborn to the first tooth, first smile, first crawl and it had music with special effects and a personalized Happy Birthday song. It was done professionally from Smiling Snaps and was so touching! I am doing the same for my kid's upcoming birthday and keep the DVD as a keepsake for my son to see when he grows up!

  53. Love love love all of it. Came across your blog when looking for first birthday bird-themed ideas--thanks for providing me with plenty of them!

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