November 27, 2014

Picture Frame Ornaments

First of all...HAPPY THANKSGIVING! What a great day to be with friends and family and take a moment to give voice to all the many things we have to be grateful for!

This holiday season finds me with a house under construction (yay to a kitchen and master bath remodel!!), so my Christmas decor will be sparse this year. But, there are a few things I didn't share with you last year, like this tutorial for picture frame ornaments that I guest posted at Lines Across. Over the next month, I'll be sharing more of last year's unshared goodies! And, maybe something from this year, too. Maybe... ;)

This particular project started with Dollar Spot finds (from last year, alas). But, similar stuff is often found in dollar bins at Target and Michaels. Promise! Don't you just LOVE dollar bins?

Small Frames
Decorative Tape
Alphabet Stickers
Scrapbook Paper
Hot Glue Gun

1) Gather supplies
2) Cut scrapbook paper to fit inside of frame
3) Use alphabet stickers to write Christmas words (Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, Grace, Noel, etc)
4) Embellish with decorative tape
5) Place scrapbook piece inside frame
6) Hot glue a length of twine to the backside of frame

Looking back at these pictures from last year's tree is making me sad for my sparse Christmas decor! Maybe I will put a tree up, despite the mess?? We'll see! :)


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