November 13, 2014

Gold Confetti Glassware (+7 Metallic Projects!)

Ahhh, my favorite time of year is here again. Today, it's 31 degrees outside, which is collllld for Texas. Brrr. But, it gets me in the mood for the holiday festivities to come. So, today I've got a round-up of 7 metallic projects from some of my favorite creative friends. Plus, I've got my own simple tutorial for you, inspired by some festive gold glasses I saw at Paper Source (favorite store EVER!).

This year's Christmas tablescape will be metallics and greens. Unfortunately (but really, fortunately), my kitchen is being renovated all through Christmas, so I won't actually be entertaining. BUT, I will host a table at our annual Christmas Brunch at my church. And, THAT tablescape will be green and metallics. So pretty!

These glasses started with clear glasses from The Dollar Tree and multi-surface gold paint from Martha Stewart.

To make the "confetti" look, I simply took the end of a small paintbrush, dipped it in gold paint and placed polka-dots on each glass. The dots are just on the bottom half of each glass. Try hard to be random and don't get overly stressed about the exact placement of dots :).

According to the paint packaging, these need to cure for 21 days before being placed in the dishwasher. So, if you want them for Christmas, make them soon!

These looks so pretty with some gold and green accents on my dinner table! And, they also make the prettiest little bud vases, like below.

Want to see the other 6 metallic projects from my friends?? I thought you might! To go to each tutorial, click on the links below the photo collage!

7 Marvelous Metallic Projects


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  2. These glasses started with clear glasses from The Dollar Tree and multi-surface gold paint from Martha Stewart.
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