November 9, 2012

Blues & Greens for Fall

I know people are already moving on to Christmas decor (gulp!) but, I'm just not ready to go there quite yet. My house just ridded itself of the Halloween trimmings, for goodness sake! So, in honor of it being (early!) November, I'm sharing a few of the Fall decorations currently up in my house. You'll be seeing Christmas stuff soon enough. I promise! 

If you remember on Monday, I showed you the peacock-feathered Bridal Shower Mantel, so, it's probably no surprise that peacock feathers are very much a part of my Fall decor this year.

The DIY Pumpkin Picture Holders can be found here. I love seeing my sweet daughter's picture from last Fall displayed on the turquoise pumpkin! This Fall, I created several vignettes with milk glass vases and metal buckets, each holding a few peacock feathers and some scraps of burlap. Easy and inexpensive! I've been seeing a lot of pretty DIY Autumn artwork this year (like this one from Lolly Jane), so I decided to use that as inspiration for my chalkboard. 

Because I used the peacock feathers, I decided to embrace a blue and green color scheme this season. I think it's perfectly Autumnal, if a little untraditional. If you're interested in my Thankful Heart printable (perfect for Thanksgiving!), you can grab it here. It's available in multiple colors!

Happy Fall! Don't rush to Christmas too soon :)


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  1. this is awesome - I have this gorgeous peacock pattern paper I want to use and don't want to say goodbye to my blues and greens until next year!!!

  2. I have not considered blues and greens for fall, but you sure do it beautifully! I'm hanging on to Thanksgiving with all my might right now. I just posted a Thanksgiving picture frame. I'm so not wanting to rush to Christmas either!

  3. Love this color palette!!!
    Barbara at Chase the Star

  4. So pretty! I love the natural elements mixed with the brilliant green and blue. You did a beautiful job! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for Christmas! :-)

  5. Oh, this is right up my alley, Emily!! And I LOVE the textures you've brought in -- marvelous! Hope you're having a great weekend!!
    xo Heidi

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