November 19, 2012

14 Beautiful Thanksgiving Mantels {Features!}

Happy Mantel Monday! Today I've got some beautifully inspiring mantels features, perfect for Thanksgiving! If you've got guests coming for Dinner on Thursday, you still have time to dress that mantel!

I'm heading to Colorado for some fun family time, but I've got a few posts scheduled for this week. Come back tomorrow for a fun Christmas project I cooked up last week!

My Sister's Suitcase
52 Mantels
Fancy Frugal Life
Eclectically Vintage
Number Fifty-Three
Blesid Thrifter
Our Home Away From Home
Northern Cottage
Kaminski's Creations
Our Prairie Home
The Little Brown House
Rooms For Rent
This Girl's Life
This is Happiness
Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!! I hope it's full of togetherness! :)


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52 Mantels
52 Mantels
52 Mantels
52 Mantels
52 Mantels

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  1. Hi Emily! Thank you so much for featuring my November mantel! It a spot in my house that I always struggle with decorating so I appreciate your encouragement. Have a great Thanksgiving!


  2. Emily, I'm loving all these mantels you chose to spotlight on this post. I finally had time to disassemble my Halloween mantel yesterday and tossed together a Thanksgiving one! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. thank you so very much for featuring my prairie cottage fireplace!! happy almost winter to you my friend!!

  4. Thanks for featuring my Fall mantle and thanks for hosting!

  5. Hope I can get back on the mantel wagon for Christmas because even though I'm hosting Thanksgiving, unless a miracle happens today, the same mantel that was up for summer will be what my guests view.


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  9. These are some really good mantels so thanks for sharing them here. Furthermore, if anyone wants information on the mortgage interest rates today in Los Angeles then you must read this blog now.

  10. Great Thanks Giving Mantels ! Thank you for sharing them. :)


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