June 19, 2012

A Graphic, Paper-Stenciled Mantel {by My Sister's Suitcase}

Hey guys! I'm Holly {one half of My Sister's Suitcase}, where my sister Nat and I blog about all the creative things we love to do. If you come for a visit, you'll find holiday and home decor, easy DIY projects, upcycling, simple kids activities, free printables, and more.

I am thrilled to be here this morning kicking off the Paper Mantel Challenge! I adore the look of stencils, but I'm not so in love with the mess involved to get the final product. Some of you may have seen the Snowflake Mantel I created for Christmas, using felt snowflakes and double-stick tape. For Emily's mantel challenge I decided to try this same concept, but with paper! Using my 3" circle punch and a stack of white cardstock, I took my plain mantel wall and turned it into a beautiful graphic statement. I added a funky lemongrass yellow frame {made from foam board} and completed the look with one of my favorite printables! You can get all the project details over on our blog, My Sister's Suitcase. Thanks for letting us join in the fun Emily!

52 Mantels

Wow, that must have taken a LONG time, Holly! But, what an amazing look. I never would have guessed that was done with paper. Not only do I want to paint my mantel wall a fun color, I ALSO want to stencil it with paper! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity.

To check out the details of Holly's paper mantel (and read the cool tutorials!), head on over to My Sister's Suitcase.

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  1. Seriously going to steal this - my mantel wall juts out a bit too and this would rock!!


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