June 18, 2012

Summer-Inspired Paper Mantel

Not only is today Mantel Monday, it's also the day we kick off The Great Paper Mantel Challenge! If you're just now joining us, let me catch you up. In April, readers voted on mantel themes for me to tackle. 100% paper was the winning theme...and The Great Paper Mantel Challenge was born! 

52 Mantels

I'm joined in this challenge by 5 other creative bloggers. Tomorrow and Wednesday we'll get to see their 100% paper mantels. I am terribly excited to see what they've come up with! 

My paper mantel is a nod to Summer colors: sunny yellows, happy aquas, fresh corals...and every shade in between! I balanced the bright colors with natural textures from faux reclaimed wood (a lucky find in the scrapbook paper aisle) and the pages of an old book. 

Besides old book pages and scrapbook paper, my mantel utilizes cupcake wrappers (turned into "planted" flowers), cardboard and poster board. 

Okay, okay. I also used glue and tape. How else was I to keep all the paper together?? 

When I found the "reclaimed wood" paper at Hobby Lobby, I knew it would end up on my all paper mantel! 

I filled my cardboard box "planters" with paper flowers, strips of book pages and a paper sign that reads: Everything you can imagine is real~ Pablo Picasso 

My summery paper banner reads: Shall I compare thee to a Summer's night?~ W. Shakespeare. Incidentally, I spotted that familiar quote on one of the book paper flowers. I decided it was meant to be on my Summer mantel. Don't you agree? 

I think that just about covers the details!! Come back tomorrow and Wednesday to see more paper mantel ideas from the 5 other fun bloggers. 

UPDATE: The tutorial for the paper flowers can be found here

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  1. Who knew a paper mantel could be that beautiful? Love it! Just so pretty!

    Take care,


  2. wow!! beyond gorgeous! I'm smitten with every single little element!

  3. Oh you so nailed it Emily!! That is one gorgeous mantel! I kind of felt bad for you when paper was the winner because I couldn't imagine how you would do it! But...of course you did it and did it with style! Awesome!

  4. SO cute! Love the wood patterned paper...it is so realistic! And the planters...such a fun idea!

  5. Gorgeous! Love all the details :)

  6. Really cute! Love the paper flowers most of all. The mix of white and colored ones looks really good!

  7. It looks great! I love that aqua!

  8. I love these colors! This color combination is quickly becoming my favorite:) Your mantel is beautiful!

  9. Love those flowers! Love the colors too!


  10. I love your mantle, making me nervous, but you are a professional mantle styler, so maybe that's ok:)


  11. This is fabulous!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!

  12. Wow Em!! This turned out amazing! I thought that was real wood at first :) Love it! I'm a little nervous for mine tomorrow...

  13. Emily this is amazingly awesome ... I adore that reclaimed wood paper. Too cool. Too amazing. It popped right out at me Layla's party!



  14. Love those paper flowers--I made a bunch of them for a nativity display I helped with last Christmas and they looked pretty cool :)

  15. This is amazing!!!! Love the idea of the cupcake wrappers, would never have thought of that!!!Coming over from Layla and Kevin's and I'm so excited to have found your blog!!!! I love decorating my mantel for each of the seasons;) I'm going to have to check out the rest of your site now, thanks so much!!

  16. I just got into scrapbooking {could never afford it before} and WOW. How did you cut out your large paper flowers? I bought a cameo {love it} and started adding scrapbooking ideas into home decor.

  17. Totally love the Mantel. I need to make those paper flowers. I hope there is a DIY coming??? Great job. I can;t wiat to see the other bloggers too.

  18. I didn't know how you were gonna pull off a paper mantel, but I'll be darned you did...... and it's cute.


  19. This is so beautiful! You are so crafty and talented! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  20. That is cute, in paper. Mary

  21. You set the bar pretty high Emily!! I love the colors and the wood paper! Beautiful!!

  22. WOW! that looks amazing Emily! i totally thought the planters were wood! fantastic display!


  23. Emily, I am blown away by your mantle.....GORGEOUS!!!!

  24. Unreal! I was totally fooled by the wood scrapbook paper! Superb job.

  25. Will you be giving sources/names & tutorial on this?

  26. Holy tamoly!! I luv it!! That faux wood paper....where did you find that? It'd make a fabulous backer to my laundry cabinets I want to re-do. Thanks again for including me in such a fun challenge. I look forward to the next one.

  27. Ok now I have to go to HL to see if I can find that faux wood paper. Your mantel is awesome as they all are. It would be hard to say which would be my favorite as they're all so incredible. Such talent and inventiveness. Love love them all. I can't play favorites, sorry. Really enjoy your blog.

  28. Fantastic! I'm gob-smacked by your paper mantel... wow.

  29. This looks great! I especially the banner!

  30. I love EVERYTHING about this!! Seriously, girl - I LOVE your style!!! Great job!! XO

  31. I'm in LOVE with your mantel!!!


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