June 25, 2012

4th of July Mantel

The 4th of July is almost here and I thought my mantel had better get in on the Mantel Monday action. I had it all gussied up for Memorial Day, but that was a month ago. So, the red, white and blue came back today. As did the washi tape trim. As I discovered on Memorial Day, I love putting washi tape on the mantel because it peels right off without leaving a residue. 

The Patriotic Washi Tape Art tutorial can be found here. The fun red, white and blue circle garland is from Taffie Wishes and I won it during my American Crafter competition. It's so much fun and will definitely be used again! 

I'll be back tomorrow sharing the tutorial for paper flowers shown on last week's all paper mantel!

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  1. Looks festive Emily! You know I love some great patriotic decor! Nice job!

  2. Love the Washi tape on the mantel!

  3. So festive! Love the circle garland!

  4. Great decor! I'm a washi tape virgin ~ guess I should get out and about and investigate it.


  5. Great idea putting the tape on the mantle itself! My favorite part is the circle string banner (or whatever you call those!)


  6. This is so cute. Looks so summery and fresh.

  7. Washi doesn't leave residue?! Off to the store to stock up!

    Your mantel makes me want to stand up and salute - here's to a festive fourth! You're getting me in the mood (for a margarita and some fireworks)!

  8. Make me wanna sing the Star Spangled Banner...No, I am not kidding..I was just singing it in my head!!

  9. LOVE your patriotic mantel!!

  10. I have to get some more washi ;) What a cool and simple idea! The circles garland is a adorable. I wish I had a sewing machine!
    I have a quick idea for washi/4th of July here :)


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