June 22, 2012

Dive In, It's a Swim Party {with Free Printables!}

Who's ready to dive into a Swim Party with free party printables?! This week I've joined 19 other bloggers for a HUGE Summer blog party! I hope you've visited the other sites for some incredible Summer inspiration. Today is all about entertaining and do I love a good party?! Um, yes. Yes, I do. 


When a friend told me she was planning a retro Pool Party for her girl's 11th birthday, I knew I wanted to get in on the party planning action! I decided to create a set of printables for the party, using the fun, bright colors she'd picked for the affair.

I started with a printable pennant that says Dive In, perfect to hang over the food table, don't you think? Then I added matching straw flags and cupcake toppers. These are easy to print and easy to assemble. And, a very inexpensive way to customize a party!

Not serving cupcakes at your swim party? No big deal! I placed my "cupcake" toppers on plastic straws and stuck them down into individual, solo-cup served, trifles. I designed the cupcake toppers so that they can be cut into squares or circles (using a 2-inch circle cutter). 

Were you eye-balling my fun Thin Mint trifles?? Well, there's not really a recipe to share, just directions for layering: brownie, Thin Mint cookie, vanilla pudding, whipped cream and garnished with another Thin Mint. Easy as can be!

To download these party printables, follow the links below! I designed every one of these printables on the MyMemories software I told you about several weeks ago when I shared my Summer water bottle labels. Remember? This is the coolest software and SO versatile! If you decide to purchase this software, feel free to use this code (STMMMS43529) for $10 off at checkout. 

Swim Party Printables:

**update: I've received feedback that my 4shared downloads aren't accessible. I'll try to figure all that out. Until then, feel free to right click and download the below images directly to your computer.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. These are absolutely adorable and so, so fun! I think I pretty much pin everything you post :)

  2. LUV LUV LUV!!!!!! Of course :)

  3. so cute Emily! I would love to know how to use that software:) You are so talented!

  4. I love these! And now I want to have a swim party. Today.

  5. too too cute - thanks for sharing these printables! I've pinned them for our swim party this summer!

  6. How cute! This makes me want to have a swim party just so I can use your printables!


  7. these are so cute! especially love the invites!

  8. Super duper cute!! Think it's time for a swim party!
    xo Heidi

  9. I love them and I have a pool so could really use them but I can't print them help

  10. Thank you for sharing your cute printables. I am having a "ladies only" pool party this Saturday and I will be using your printables.

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