March 7, 2012

Thursdays are YOUR Days, Vol 9

Happy Thursday, friends! I'm SO excited to see what you all have been up to. You are some very creative, inspiring people and I just love that you link up YOUR awesome stuff here every Thursday.

I must apologize because I know I owe a lot of you some return emails and responses to your SWEET comments and emails!! Each note and comment I get makes me smile! I know I'm behind, but I'll get through my inbox eventually...I promise! :)

Now, I have something SUPER exciting to tell you about! Kelly from Live, Laugh, Rowe is launching her very own Link Party NEXT Thursday. I'll remind you again, but get excited about that fun event in our, very near, future! Check out the button I added to my sidebar! That'll be there to remind you all week long. 


AND, I also wanted to let you know that I'll be competing in Season 4 of American Crafter. I'm up against some tough competitors and I'm a wee bit nervous. I'll show you my first project on Friday and then ask you to go vote for my project your favorite project. Are you a little nervous that I'll be voted off the island (What? Wrong reality show?) on the very first round?? Yeah, me too. But, if I am, I'll get over it.

Eventually ;)

NOW, onto the good stuff. This week on 52 Mantels: 

Last Thursday I shared a bit of my personal history and then asked for you to go vote for a GREAT cause. Plus, I used a $25 giftcard to as a bribe. The giveaway is still going strong and your votes are STILL NEEDED!

On Monday I shared my first Spring Mantel as part of Mantel Monday!
And, then on Tuesday I shared this simple recipe with you!

Plus, I showed you some awesome recipes and amazing DIY home decor features from last week's party

OH..and, I finally fixed our inlinkz problem!! Woohoo! 

And, what about you?? Link up your projects so we can admire!
1) If you aren't following 52 Mantels, please do so!
2) This is a party, so mix and mingle. Please check out some of your fellow party-goers!
3) Grab my button and put it in your post, on your blog or just add a text link back to 52 Mantels!
4) Feel free to link up as many posts as you'd like

52 Mantels


  1. Thanks for hosting again :) Wow-how exciting is that to be on American Crafter!! Congratulations!! SO exciting!!

  2. Thanks for hosting! You know I LOVE your party! And EXCITING that you get to compete on American Crafter!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Of course I will vote for your project, it is always the best!!

  3. Thanks LOTS for hosting Emily!!! XO, Aimee

  4. Thanks for hosting -- and for the shout out. You seriously ROCK, Em :) Hugs from St. Louis

  5. Thanks for hosting another fabulous party! One of my pics didn't link up... so if you want to take it off it's fine :) Talk to you soon!!

  6. Thanks again Emily! I'm looking forward to Kelly's new party too!

  7. Hi Emily! I haven't completed any project in forever it feels I liked up a couple of 'house tour' type posts. If that's not what you're looking for feel free to delete.
    Thanks for hosting!

  8. Thanks for hosting my favorite party!

  9. As always, thanks for hosting! Hope the rest of your week is great!

  10. Thanks for hosting, Emily! Good luck on American Crafter. I've seen your work (and pictures), girl! No way you're getting voted off first round! : )

  11. Thanks for hosting another great party!

  12. Thanks so much for hosting! I love your blog!! Good luck on American Crafter! :)


  13. Thanks so much for hosting! I hope you enjoy my DIY Mickey Mouse Costume I had to make on the fly last week. Good luck in American Crafter. I know you'll do great :)

  14. Thank you for hosting! :)

    Michelle @ Crazy for Crafts

  15. I love your mantel this week! It is absolutely perfect! That addition of the little chalkboards is so cute! Thanks for sharing. :-)

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