March 1, 2012

$25 Amazon Giftcard PLUS Your Chance to Make a Difference!

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Today, I have an awesome, incredible giveaway for you. Anyone out there wanna win a $25 giftcard to I'm going to give you several chances to do just that!

But, first, I want to tell you a little bit about my history and then a bit about an organization I believe in called Sole Hope

Before I was a mantelscapin' blogger, before I was the momma to a sweet lil' punkin', before I was the wife to an awesomely supportive hubs, I was a nurse. In fact, I've been a nurse for almost 9 years. In my mid-20s (which wasn't THAT long ago...sheesh!), I felt led to quit my hospital job, put my stuff in a large storage unit...and, go rock some babies. In Africa. Yei, Sudan, to be exact. Okay, so there's a whole lot more to the story than that, but brevity, folks. I really am aiming for brevity today (believe it or not!). 

I spent the most soul-searching, trusting-God-completely, never-a-dull-moment, year of my life in Sudan, living at an orphanage with 120+ children. My job was to be their nurse, but my calling was to, very simply, love them. And, love them, I did. And, still do. And, when I rocked my own sweet baby several years later, it finally sank in that the heart has a limitless capacity for love. Just when you think you can't possibly love anything do. 

(oh, this brevity thing isn't working out so well for me...)

As a nurse in Sudan, I was constantly dealing with wounds. And, parasites. Wounds. And, parasites. Wounds and...well, you get the point. In my clinic I saw village patients as well as my orphans and much of what I treated could have been prevented by something very simple: shoes.

Which is why I believe so strongly in the work Sole Hope is doing! Sole Hope is, not only meeting the physical needs by putting shoes on feet, but are also addressing the root of the problem by providing health education AND by teaching the art of shoemaking. How can you not get behind that?? 

AND THEY NEED OUR HELP!! Yes, we can actually do something to help! Sole Hope is currently in the running for a $50,000 grant to further their IMPORTANT mission. However, the grant is based on a democratic voting system, meaning if they have the most votes in the end, they get the money.

Watch this short video below and you'll see why shoes are so vitally important, but why health education is even more so. 

So, what does this have to do with an giftcard?? Well, I believe so strongly in Sole Hope's mission, that I'm hosting AND sponsoring this giveaway in an effort to raise awareness for their grant campaign. You heard me correctly! This giveaway is coming from me and me alone. As a thank you for listening to my spiel and (hopefully!!) doing what you can to help! 

I've voted every day by clicking on the picture located on my sidebar, signing in through facebook and clicking the "vote" button. It literally takes me a few clicks a day. It can be that easy for YOU too. And, your vote is needed every day. So, bookmark one of the links I've given you or bookmark this page...and, vote every day! In fact, you can vote once per day from each of your email accounts. 

(And, every day you vote gets you more entries into this giveaway. So, vote, then run over here and tell me about it. Every. Single. Day!)

And, if you really want to spread the word, feel free to grab the html code below and place this button on your own site! This button links directly to the voting page.


Okay, on to that $25 giftcard! Good luck!! And, thank you for your part in furthering this mission! 

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  1. Thanks for telling us about this opportunity to help. I added the button to my blog today!

  2. I {love} this Emily. I feel like I got to know you a little better and learned that you're a woman of compassion. What a fabulous cause to support! Hugs.

  3. This is sooo cool! I put the button on my sidebar...I actually just went to a local orphanage last night and am excited to get involved there. Your pics of Sudan are amazing, I bet the experience was incredible!! That is such a special memory, I'm sure.

  4. What a great cause to be involved in. I voted.

  5. This brought tears to my eyes! I voted and thanks for the chance to win the giftcard.

  6. This is an amazing cause, and you are amazing too! I am definatley voting and putting the button on my blog... actually I think I will do a little post about it linking to your blog is that Ok?

  7. don't know how often doing this very thing crosses my mind! I am not a nurse I just want to love some children who never get it...maybe one day I will! I will add the button to my blog and vote too! Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Its an important cause to be involved in.

  9. Beautiful Story Emily. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. Your photos are very moving and what a wonderful cause to be involved with.

  10. Thank you for being a wonderful human being!

  11. Love it! Thank you so much for promoting this! Now, its my turn to help - I put the vote button on my blog:
    becca9916 at gmail dot com

  12. I posted your button on my website. This is a great cause and I'm happy to promote it!

  13. Happy to post your blog button:
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  14. What a beautiful project! You have a big heart! Bless you!

  15. I grabbed the vote button.

    Blog Link:

  16. Sending the link to vote to others. Good luck!


    I posted the button about halfway down on my left sidebar. :)

  18. Very nice thing to do. I have voted and bookmarked.

  19. Wow, you're such an inspiration. I will keep voting for this cause.

  20. I voted for Sole Hope as acluisi at hotmail

  21. Yes! I voted!


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