March 5, 2012

Spring Mantel, Vol 1

Well, gracious me, it's feeling like Spring in Texas! And, this Spring Mantel complements the Spring air wonderfully.

(Spring, Spring, Spring. How many times can I say Spring in the first paragraph of this post?)

This mantel came together in about 10 minutes. Seriously. Yesterday was a positively Spring-alicious day around here and, thus, I had no problem finding some Spring inspiration.

You know that I like to use what I got when doing my weekly mantels, so that's what I did this week. The watercolor painting is half a pair my hubby and I got in Beijing, China several years ago. We try to buy art (of varying media) when we travel.

Way better than shot glasses or t-shirts.

(In my opinion, at least.)

I cut the flowering branches off a bushy-type thingamajig in our yard.

(Obviously I don't know the name of the plant, or I wouldn't be calling it a bushy-type thingamajig. Anyone recognize it?)

The chalkboard garland is made from cheapo Dollar Tree silver trays that I painted with chalkboard paint. I've used them before, more than once

And, there you have it. My first official Spring Mantel. And, guess what?? Next week will be mantel number 26!! Which means I'll be half-way done with my 52 mantels. Woohoo! 

Oh, and I'll be showing you an extra lot of St. Patty's day mantels next week. So, I'm saving up my features until then. I'll DOUBLE feature next Monday. Cool? Cool! 

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  1. LOVE it! SO sweet and simple!
    And, I love that you buy art when you travel! We do the same! It's been something I really look forward to on our trips!

  2. I've got spring fever SO bad, and this is just beautiful! Love it!

  3. so cute! love the dollar store trays with the chalkboard paint-great idea!

  4. Emily, this is wonderful and yes, it cries out for spring! Thanks, Helen

  5. Your spring mantel looks lovely!! Thank you for stopping by my blog & entering my giveaway!! Its so nice to meet you!! I am now following you as well (GFC & FB). I am a surgical nurse...I work in an ambulatory surgery center. I used to work full-time, then quit for about 14 months after my youngest son was born, now I am back just 2 days a week!!

  6. Beautiful! I wish Spring was in the air here in Seattle! Enjoy!

  7. So cute! I love the paint color of the window. Cute blog, I'm a follower :) Thanks for linking up at Burlap & Denim!

  8. Very nice! I love the window with those sweet blackboard trays.

  9. Lovely! That window is just perfect for mantels! : )

  10. oooh pretty - what a neat idea to pin up those mini trays - cool! xo

    linky party opening later today if ya wanna come over & play!

  11. So cute! I love the chalkboard in the trays, I'm pinning it now.

  12. Such a cute mantel and those chalkboards are brilliant!

  13. What I really like about your mantel is the 3 chalkboards and how versatile they must be! The whole vignette is so pretty!

  14. LOVE it!!! I'm dying to get my hands on an old window but every time I come across one it's much more than I want to spend! Seeing yours makes me even more anxious to get one..LOL! I love the chalkboard trays...I must borrow that idea:D I've seen those trays at the $ store...need to go back and get them! Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration:)

  15. Every mantel display that you put on your blog is just so darn cute! Love the addition of the chalkboard frames and the window!!!

  16. Love love love! I think the paining is my favorite part.. very pretty! I wish we still had some winter left in Texas.. but I think it has moved on. Sad day!

  17. It looks gorgeous!

    I would love it if you could link up and share:

  18. Thanks for linking up @CountryMommaCooks…..have a wonderful weekend:)

  19. Okay, this mantel is too cute! Love the chalkboard garland on the old window.
    Mary Alice

  20. Ten minutes. Then you are a mantel Queen!! It is stnking CUTE. I like the painting much better then a shot glass too =) Happy Spring.

  21. Oh so cute! Very creative using the chalkboard trays! Bring on spring!!

  22. Very cute I like the chalkboard frames. The window frame is great.

  23. OH MY GOODNESS this is so beautiful!!! Another gorgeous mantel creation!! Gonna link up this one for my Fireplace Decorating Blog readers!!! You have such wonderful taste and artistic ability! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!

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