December 17, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

Okay, okay. Fine. I'll show you my Christmas tree. But, it's really not that exciting. I feel like it's missing something, but I'm not quite sure what. 

This year I was sort of aiming for something organic and earthy, but then I got side-tracked. But, last week I took every. single. thing. off my tree and redecorated it completely. At 1 am. Which is saying a lot since my least favorite Christmas task is tree decorating. But, it needed help. 

I ended up adding some burlap ribbon. But, that wasn't enough. So, I took a roll of brown butcher paper and wrapped that around the tree, between the burlap layers. And, while a bit unconventional, it totally did the trick and added another texture and layer to my tree.

Then I added a few chalkboards I had lying around to compliment the chalkboard ornaments I made a couple of weeks ago. On each chalkboard, I wrote a name for Jesus.

My no-sew, easy-peasy, burlap ornaments went beautifully on the tree.

Oh, you know I wasn't done with the paper bag flowers. They went on my tree too.

Yes, that's my mantel re-do. Pretend it's Mantel Monday.

The above ornament is my attempt at a cute, handmade ornament to commemorate my daughter's first Christmas. Yes, it's kind of bad, but it's on my tree, nevertheless. Why? Because, it has my lil' punkin's cute wittle bitty footprint on it, that's why.

I used a lot of green garland and woodgrain tags in my wrapping. Don't worry, I'll tutorial that next week.

So, I realize (now) that I've forgotten the letter n in the word counselor on the chalkboard below. Oops. I'll go fix it right now...

Yes, the bottom of my tree is bare because I have a 10 month old. And, my gifts are in buckets that can be easily placed up high when she's roaming around.

My tree topper consists of deer antlers, paper flowers and a burlap bow. Oh, and a little sparkle in the form of a snowflake.  Gotta have the sparkle.

I had to add this last picture because it shows the cute little Christmas vases my hubby got me this year. Love. 

Okay, there it is. Our 2011 Christmas tree. I'll try not to re-do it again before Christmas. 

But, I can't promise. 



  1. Love the silver chalkboards and ornaments!

  2. It's FABULOUS!!!!!! LUV LUV LUV IT :))))) Now I wanna redo mine :{
    U soooo need the vintage tree trinket I picked up for you.... wish I could get it to u now!

  3. Your tree is lovely - I love all the natural touches and especially the tubs holding presents under the tree. The names of Jesus is such an awesome idea. I love your posts about wrapping paper - you must be my daughter's soul sister. She buys all new papers every year, too, and like you she's using all natural elements in her gift wrapping this year. I think a love for design like yours is a gift and thank you for sharing it with us. Merry Christmas! :)

  4. I love, love, love your tree! It's totally gorgeous and has the cutest style. I love the footprint of your little precious girl. :)

  5. Could you pin a couple more pictures of your topper on pinterest? I am in dire need of topper ideas and I love the idea of using antlers - I have plenty! Also, I used the paper flowers I made on my garland! Love!

  6. I think it looks beautiful Emily!

  7. I absolutely love it! I am your newest follower, returning the blog love from Spruce Your Nest!

  8. Your tree and mantel both look great! I can totally relate to redecorating in the wee hours of the morning.

  9. Perhaps the prettiest tree EVER! Emily you are so talented!!! Glad you shared on Overflowing with Creativity!!! XO!


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