December 22, 2011

Woodgrain Gift Tags

Christmas is a few short days away! Are your halls decked, gifts purchased, menus planned?? I sure hope so. But, I just heard on the Today Show (so, you know, consider the source) that 10% of people haven't even begun their Christmas shopping. Are you in that 10%? 

If so, tick tock tick tock. And, God speed, man!

Today is the last project from our fun series, Making a Merry Christmas! Thanks Dian for letting me share these ideas with your readers at Grocery Shop For FREE! Go check out ALL of the Christmas projects shown at 52 Mantels this year! 

If you still need to wrap up those gifts, stay tuned. I told you last week when I gave my Christmas Tree Tour that I would tutorial some gift tags and today that's exactly what I'm going to do!

For my gifts, I used: 1. yarn 2. brown masking paper (less than $2 at Home Depot) 3. 1-inch circle cutter 4. corner rounder 5. alphabet stamps/brown ink pad 6. silver & gold glittered letter stickers (Target @ $2) 7. hole punch 8. 2-inch circle cutter 9. 9 foot cheap garland ($1 @ Dollar Tree)

Gather your supplies. I used the above supplies plus woodgrain contact paper ($1 @ Dollar Tree) and white poster board.

First, I took a section of the contact paper and covered about 1/4th of the poster board with it. Then I cut various size rectangles and 2-inch circle tags from the (now) woodgrained poster board.

On some of the gifts, I used the 2-inch circle cutter to cut directly from the contact paper. This allowed me to use the circles as stickers for a handful of the packages.

Using my tiny alphabet stamps, I stamped words directly on some of the gifts or on round 2-circles cut from the masking paper.

On the remaining tags, I used the glittered letters to add a pretty monogram.

After all of my gifts were wrapped, I used yarn and varying lengths of garland to attach my tags to the gifts. Each package and each tag is different. Anything goes, so have fun with it!

I added a large letter j out of garland and a woodgrain sticker (cut from the contact paper with my 1-inch circle cutter) for my hubby's gift.

The packages look so festive under my Christmas tree! And, now I'm officially done with the buying, done with the wrapping, done with the decking and (almost) done with the cooking.

All that's left to do is sit back and enjoy this Merry Christmas! 



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