December 23, 2011

My Instagramed Life, Vol. 2

We're blessed to have these faces (and so many more) in our lives.

Now, you go on and have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas!


  1. Emily, Hope your family had a great Christmas! I am sure it was with that pretty little baby. Looking forward to hearing more from you in 2012. Happy New Year soon. Helen

  2. This is so creative and beautiful..Loved this idea of you of sticking all the pics together. It is so lovely.. Good work. Keep it up

  3. Glad to see your Instagram collection. You have beautifully arranged the stages of life. Now you can recollect and enjoy each moments in your life...

  4. Colorful memories in life. Memories never end and its sweet increases day by day. We all like to go through the golden memories in our life. This post helped me to once go back. Thanks.

  5. You have a great Instagram collection and it reflects all the memorable moments in your life. Sometimes, we wish to go back in life to feel some good things again.

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