January 17, 2014

30 Recipe Ideas for Dinner

Confession: I am in a dinner rut! Anyone else find yourself making the same dinner dishes over and over again?? Today, I've combed through the last several link parties and found a bunch of dinner inspiration!! From soups to sandwiches to side dishes, this list is sure to give you at least ONE new recipe to put on your rotation! 

20 Minute White Bean & Chicken Chili - Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

20 Minute Marinara - Simply Fresh Dinners

Bean & Bacon Soup - Posed Perfection

Broccoli Cheese Soup - Five-Fifty Westmount

Pancit (a Filipino noodle dish) - 2 Crochet Hooks
Crock Pot Chili - Shaken Together Life

Chicken Barley Soup - Three Kids and a Fish

Quick & Easy Mediterranean Chicken - Jodie Fitz

Buffalo Chicken Sliders - Jordan's Onion

Stuffed Peppers - Mama to 5 Blessings

Vegetable Soup with Chickpeas and Kale - Hello Little Home
Corn Pudding - Krysta Steen

Easy Cheese Soup - Earning & Saving with Sarah Fuller
Tomato Soup & Grilled Swiss & Bacon Sammies - A Grace Full Life

Vegan Cilantro Black Bean Chili - Delectably Domestic

Cheesy Vegetable Soup - Belle of the Kitchen

Crock Pot Beef & Noodles - Second Chance to Dream

Raspberry Poppyseed Dressing - Love Grows Wild
Fish in Yogurt Sauce - At the Corner of Happy & Harried

Easy Homemade Wing Sauce - Poofy Cheeks

Mashed Potato Supreme - The First Year Blog

Mexican Beans, Tomatoes & Rice - Simply Fresh Dinners

Oven Chicken Fajitas - Cherished Bliss

Roasted Vegetable Chili - My Sister's Panty

Hassleback Potatoes - Delectably Domestic

Creamy One Pot Pasta - Keep It Simple, Sweetie

Ramen Vegetable Soup - The First Year Blog

Restaurant Steak - Made from Pinterest

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup - It Happens in a Blink
Don't those recipes looks delish?! I'm definitely going to be trying some out in the coming weeks!

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Lots of great ones Emily! Thanks for including b me!!

  2. Mmmm now I am so hungry! I am adding the tomato soup and cheese bacon sandwiches to my menu this week!

  3. Wow - now THAT is a whole lot of yum! Thanks so much for including my crock pot chili, Emily!

  4. So many great recipes! Definitely want to try the buffalo chicken sliders!


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