December 16, 2013

Christmas Crafting & Cupcakes {Craft Night Details!}

You guys know I love Christmas, right? And, of course, I adore a girly craft night. Also, I might add, I thoroughly enjoy a good cupcake. Christmas Crafting & Cupcakes?? Right up my alley!

In late November, before the Christmas season got too busy, my cupcake-making friend and I threw a fun Christmas Crafting and Cupcakes party for our friends. It was a successful party and I'm finally sharing the details with you! Yay! :)


Inviting my peeps: 
I invited around 15 ladies and 12 attended. I sent the invitation out 6 weeks early, so I could order the craft supplies with plenty of time to spare. Before inviting the ladies, I shopped around for some craft ideas that would be easy enough for all levels of ability and chic enough for a variety of styles. I knew most of my friends wouldn't be into cutesy crafts OR complicated crafts. Know your audience, that's what I always say. (Well, I've said it once, at least).  ;)

I ended up choosing to do vinyl decals from The House of Smiths Designs. Shelley has a great style and I knew her designs would be a hit. Plus, decals are SUPER easy to use, so even my less-than-crafty friends could pull it off. Also, I don't have a ton of table space, but placing a vinyl decal can be done on one's lap, while lounging on a sofa. (See photos above for proof) :)

When I sent the invitation, I included a google form to fill out, which included the above image (which I gathered from The House of Smith's shop). I had each girl pick which craft she wanted to do. And, I let them pick from a list of vinyl colors. I provided the plates, but I asked the girls who wanted the frame to BYO frame. That way they could totally customize the look to their personal style! 

We ended up with a pretty even split among the 3 choices. 

I was having too much fun at the party, I forgot to take more pictures of the final projects. Oops!

Before the guests arrived, I divided up the vinyl pieces into individual bags. Each bag had the guest's name on it and was filled with the vinyl, the instruction card and some chocolate. Simple prep! 

I was afraid the guests would finish their projects super quickly, so I also printed out sheets of printable gift tags on cardstock (like the ones I shared last week) and had available a selection of twines, ribbons, scissors and hole punchers. Each guest got to take home a complete set of gift tags as a "bonus" craft. 

Of course, a major component of the party were the CUPCAKES! My friend and cohost, Ashley, provided all the sweets. And, they were delicious! She had several new seasonal flavors she was debuting, so it was a great time to sample the goodies. Included in the treats were: White Chocolate Peppermint Cake Pops, Salted Caramel Cupcakes and Pumpkin Gingerbread Cupcakes. SO yummy!

(If you live near Highland Village, Texas, you must check her out at Village Cupcakes!)

The sweet treats provided the bulk of the yummies, but we also offered savory finger foods, wine and a hot cocoa bar.

It was such a fun night! And, truly, not a hard party to pull off. It just takes a little planning and some willing friends. And, The House of Smiths has vinyl stickers for ALL seasons, so this party doesn't have to be enjoyed only at Christmas. Shelley's prices are super reasonable and she's great to work with!

Side note, can you believe that Christmas countdown below says 31 days to Christmas?! Now, we're less than 10 days away. Eek!! This month has flown by!

I'll be back later this week to share ANOTHER Christmas party with you. And, I'll try to squeeze in a Christmas Home Tour! If I don't get it done, here's last year's Christmas Home Tour :).

Happy Monday!

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  1. It was so fun!! I know want one of Ashley's cupcakes like right now. :)

  2. A. I want the Santa decal, please
    B. I want the large Santa in your kitchen....ok...well....not coveting yours...just want to know where you got it.
    I loved this post!

    1. I got the large Santa at Canton in our favorite booth. It was a total steal (like $10, maybe??). I love him! :)

  3. This is such a fun idea! I love how you did it before the crazy Christmas rush. I bet your friends LOVE you!

    1. Thanks Michelle! And, I do have great friends who love coming to parties :)

  4. That looked liked an awesome party that I would have loved to be a part of!! :D I'm also having a craft party with my friends... this Sunday actually! I had one last year for the first time and my friends asked for another one.. maybe it'll be an annual thing! I'm using windows for the backdrop of my dessert table too!! And we are using chalkboard signage... it's the theme of the craft we are doing!! I was so excited to see that you used those ideas that I texted the link to your party to my friend that is helping me host the party! :D And I have to add... I am so in love with the pumpkin gingerbread cupcakes... too too cute!! I made gingerbread cookies for the party (tree shaped) but now you are making wish I made little men and cupcake. Sorry for the essay of a comment. :P


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