July 1, 2013

DIY Flower Frog

I love when people grow beautiful flowers in their gardens and are able to snip a few to create perfect, floral arrangements. I, however, am not one of those people! Our garden is looking pretty good this year. But it's not overflowing with roses, peonies, hydrangeas, etc.

What is overflowing?? My rosemary bush! Always. Year round. It thrives.

With that said, I've taken to decorating my house with rosemary sprigs, and, I have to say...I love it. The smell is divine and the color is always pretty and fresh.

I even have a simple way to arrange them...using scotch tape! Wanna see? 

DIY Flower Frog: Arranging Plants From Your Garden

handful of plants/herbs
wide-mouth vase or jar
clear tape

To create your own flower frog, grab a vase and tape off sections using scotch tape. I placed three strips one direction and two strips the opposite direction. Then, you fill in the "holes" with your plant or herb. The "frog" keeps everything standing straight and tall. You can add water to the vessel, as you normally would, of course.

There you go. Easy as can be!

If this looks familiar, it's because I used this exact arrangement last week on my coffee table. Remember my coffee table styling tips? The delicious smelling rosemary makes couch-sitting extra pleasant :).

Happy Monday, y'all!


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  1. Great way to make a flower frog. Love the easiness, thriftiness, good old clear scotch tape, yeah. Happy 4th.

    1. thanks so much! I love easy, thrifty projects :)

  2. Very cute and easy!
    Happy 4th!
    The Adored Home

    1. Aw, thanks!! And, happy 4th to you, as well!

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