November 13, 2012

Mini Christmas Signs {Tutorial!}

These Mini Christmas Signs are so much fun and so versatile. They can be used as ornaments on your Christmas tree, propped on a shelf or even hung from a festive Christmas wreath! I love versatile projects, don't you? 

I grabbed these wooden plaques for $0.25 apiece at a flea market and I knew they'd make great mini signs! I made 8 total and they range in size from about 3.5x3.5" to 5x5". Similar plaques can be purchased at your local craft store. 

I used my Silhouette to make these signs, but you could always use stencils or letter stickers. If you're dying for a Silhouette of your own, I have an awesome giveaway going on right now. Click here to enter to win $700 worth of crafting goodies including a brand new Silhouette Portrait! 

To make these Mini Christmas Signs 1) spray paint the centers of unfinished wooden plaques white 2) use your Silhouette to cut Christmas phrases out of vinyl  OR gather the appropriate sticker letters 3) place the vinyl letters on the painted plaques using transfer tape OR place your letter stickers on the painted surface 4) repeat this process with each plaque 5) paint over the entire plaque with the color of your choice 6) peel the vinyl letters/ stickers off the plaques and use sandpaper to distress each sign

To the backside of a few of the signs, I hot glued bakers twine for hanging. I hung one from the center of my So-Simple Sock Wreath. It added the perfect amount of Christmas cheer to my front door, don't you think? 

I'll be sharing this project over at Grocery Shop For Free as part of a fun, weekly Christmas series called Making a Merry Christmas! Visit me there every Tuesday from now until Christmas.


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  2. Those are so cute!!! I totally want to win one of those Silhouettes!

  3. Guess what came in my mail this week......... a silhouette..... I can make some mini signs. That is if I ever have time to take it out of the box.


  4. How cute! These would be great little stocking stuffers too! Lovely idea!

  5. These look so cute! I love the one hanging from the wreath -- so fun! :-) Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  6. Awww, so cute!! Great little decorative additions!! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. I love your blog! Thanks for the fun blog party!

  8. LOVE! Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Spotted this link on the Happy Hour link party. Very cute (I'll be pinning this post)!

  10. Do you remember what font you used for Merry & Bright? Love them!!!

    1. Hi Ann! I believe the "MERRY" is in Bank Gothic and the "Bright" is in Freehand 591 (which is a free font). I hope that helps!!

  11. I love the look of these signs. You did a great job. I'm pinning them to my Christmas board. I entered the giveaway and really hope I win the Silhouette!

  12. Could you do this with paper cut-outs instead of vinyl and use repositionable adhesive spray?

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