September 7, 2012

Fabric Word Art Tutorial

Last month I shared this simple art project for my daughter's room over at I Heart Nap Time. In case you missed the tutorial, here it is:

I've recently revamped my daughter's nursery to include a space for toy and book storage. I reclaimed one corner of her room and created a little reading nook. The toys (in theory) hide in baskets and totes and the books are displayed on ikea photo ledges. After hanging our new shelves and displaying the books, I decided I needed a piece of art to sit next to the books. Enter this easy project! Burlap+ scrap fabric+ an inexpensive frame= easy Fabric Word Art. Mine says READ, but I could see this saying any number of things (play. enjoy. dream. home...the list goes on!). 

Fabric Word Art


picture frame (I chose 8x10 for my project)
fabric scraps, about 3-square inches per letter
burlap or alternate plain fabric, large enough to fill your frame
fusible web (mine is heavy duty)
a single button
letter stencils
iron/ironing board

1) gather your supplies and make sure each fabric scrap is large enough to accommodate your letter 2) iron the fabric pieces to one side of the fusible web (according to package instructions) 3) trace your letter stencils onto the backs of the fabric scrap, one letter per fabric scrap. Make sure you trace it backwards so that it faces forward when you iron it on! 4) cut out the letter and removed the paper backing

 **the next steps can be reversed, per your desire. I chose to iron on the letters AFTER the burlap was framed, but you could iron on the letters and then frame the burlap. Whatever is easiest for you!

5) place your burlap into the frame, over the glass 6) arrange your letters into the frame and CAREFULLY iron them on to the burlap. This worked for me because my entire iron fit inside my frame. If your frame is smaller than the length and width of your iron, this would not work for you. In that case, iron on the letters before framing! 7) using hot glue, attach a cute button as your period!

I propped my art on the book ledge and called it complete. I think it adds the perfect touch! 

I added a revamped cubby storage unit from Target and some cute bins and now my daughter has a brand new toy/book nook in her room! To see her full nursery tour before I made this little change, go here

Have a happy Friday! 

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  1. This is GREAT! Thanks for sharing, I'll be using this in my dining room, I needed something for wall space and this is perfect!

    1. Thank you so much, Sabrina! I hope you share the finished product for your DR art!! :)

  2. so cute! fast projects are the best! semi-instant gratification! :)

    1. Thank you so much!! Yes, I'm all about instant-grat! ;)

  3. I love that! I think I want to do one in boy colors for Judah's room. Happy Friday!

  4. This is such a cute idea! I am already thinking about how I can do my last name for my picture wall! Thanks for sharing.

  5. to cute I think I shall try this
    Pamela Fetrow

  6. Popped over from TT&J - love this!! I'm a huge huge fan of burlap...and this is another thing I can "pin" to my Burlap Madness board!

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  8. Very cute!! Love the texture! Great idea!

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