July 2, 2012

Patriotic Mantels

Memorial Day Mantel

Because the 4th of July is in 2 days, I'm not going to re-scape my mantel today. I thought you'd understand. Instead, I'm giving you a recap of my patriotic mantels from Memorial Day and last week. And, I've got a few fun 4th of July mantel features for you. Just in case you need some inspiration for a last minute patriotic mantel OR you need some inspiration for next year's patriotic mantels.

It's never too early to start pinning for next year (but, please click on the mantel links and pin from the original site!! Especially those mantel features below!)!

4th of July Mantel

Patriotic Mantel Features

Serendipity Refined

Homespun With Love

Free Time Frolics

A Night Owl

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  1. Maybe I will add a little something for the 4TH to my mantel... Love yours.

  2. Thank you Emily for featuring our mantel!!!

  3. I love your mantel! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. All cute! Is now a good time to tell you I have fallen off the mantel decorating wagon? It's been the same for months. I've relapsed.


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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  13. Because the 4th of July is in 2 days, I'm not going to re-scape my mantel today. I thought you'd understand. Instead, I'm giving you a recap of my patriotic mantels from Memorial Day and last week. And, I've got a few fun 4th of July mantel features for you. king size bed sheets , comforter sets on sale , bed sheets gul ahmed , fancy bed sets , quilt cover , vicky razai , sofa cover for sale , velvet quilt Just in case you need some inspiration for a last minute patriotic mantel OR you need some inspiration for next year's patriotic mantels.

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