May 11, 2012

Reversible Hairbows (Tutorial!)

I shared this tutorial over at My Sister's Suitcase several weeks back, and, today I'm sharing it here.

You, know...just in case you missed it.

And, because I've got nuthin' else to show you.

(Ha! Honesty, people. That's honesty.)

This tutorial is a very simple sewing project for the novice sewer (is sewer the word for a person who sews? Or, is sewer just the word for where the TMNT live?? What's the correct word for a person who sews? Are you still trying to figure out what TMNT stands for? If so, you're definitely not a child of the 80s!). 

How do I know this project is simple enough for the novice sewer/person who sews? Well, I'm a total newbie when it comes to sewing! But, I've come up with a very EASY way to whip this puppies out. And, if this newbie can do it, so can you! 

A girl also wants OPTIONS. So, each bow is reversible. Fun, huh??

This is a pattern-free sewing project. You just cut basic shapes according to your desired dimensions. Easy-sneezy! I started with 3 identical rectangles from 2 cotton fabrics and one felt fabric. Each bow I made was a different size. Your rectangles will determine the size of your bow!

Stack the three fabrics, with the felt sandwiched between the others, right sides OUT. We will be top-stiching this as-is, so don't invert the fabrics! Stitch around the rectangle's edges and then, using pinking shears, trim the excess fabric. If you find it difficult to keep your rectangles together while you sew, tack them together with a few pins before stitching.

To make the bow's center, take a long rectangular fabric scrap (at least 2.5 inches wide) and fold it in half, length wise. Stitch down the length of the piece, keeping a one inch seam. Trim the excess and then invert the piece so you have a long tube of fabric. Fold this in half, right sides in and stitch down the end, leaving an opening big enough for your bow's width. To assemble your bow, fold the rectangle in half (longwise!) and slide it through the middle. To reverse the bow, simply turn the rectangular piece inside the center piece!

I made 4 bows, two with hairclips attached and two without, so they easily slide onto a headband! On a funny note, my red/white striped bow (with blue paisley back) is NOT reversible. Why? Because I accidentally forgot about that whole reversibility idea and stitched the hairclip directly to the paisley fabric. Oops!

Of course, my little cutie had to model them for me. These are perfect for her size head AND for much larger heads. That's the beauty of this bow.  I might even make one for myself next!

Have a happy weekend! Don't forget to hug yo' mama on Sunday!

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  1. These are cute, I think I'll try to make them for my nieces. Love the sewer/person who sews word issue. I always struggle to find the right word. Maybe "seamstress" is the correct way to say it but that sounds awfully old fashioned? Enjoy your weekend!

  2. It feels funny to read this. I won the "girls just wanna have fun" giveaway so I won your bows! They are just as adorable in my little girl's hair as they are in yours. I snapped a picture the other day. I need to send it to you.

  3. Hahaha, I'm laughing at the TMNT reference, thinking about our conversation about the word "sewer"... it still feels strange every time I type that :) Happy Mother's Day sweet friend!!

  4. Emily, the orange and aqua one is my favorite. Here I was just thinking how you could sew anything. Tell me is it easier to use than a Silhouette? It amazes me how that works. Happy Mother's Day! Helen

  5. Beautiful work!!! nice blog!!
    Take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. Emily- in the spirit of honesty I'll tell you that I read the whole post, but I don't even own a sewing machine so there is *no* chance that I'll be making these. But your silhouette art is still floating around in my mind:)


  7. Those are so cute! And so is the model :)

  8. Emily, this is so cute. Your daughter is a cutie pie also! :D

  9. OMGosh, this is to die for. I'm going to make some for my baby girl this weekend! I can't wait. Thanks so much I'd love if you'd link up at my Tutorial Tuesday Linky Party

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