April 9, 2012

Fresh, Flowery Mantel

See? I told you I'd come back for Mantel Monday. My little brother and sister-in-law are visiting from Italy and my two older sisters are also here at my parents with their kids. SO...we have a full, loud house. And, I gotta say, this mantel just barely got 'scaped! 

My parents' house backs up to a pecan orchard and they've planted a beautiful garden all around their property, so of course, my mom's mantel had to incorporate some of her pretty flowers.

To create the floral arrangement, I took a stroll through the gardens and snipped what I wanted and placed those in a large, blue glass vase. Which just so happens to match my mom's collection of antique, blue mason jars. Think my mom would notice if I took her vase and jars home with me?? 

Mirror, old window, flowers, jars...and, old metal thingamajig. Yep, I think that just about covers it.

Now, back to the loud, family fun! 

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  1. Great job. Very pretty!
    ~Tami @ Curb Alert!

  2. Great job!! Now go enjoy time with your family!!

  3. Love the shot of red!! Well done!

  4. It's a keeper! So pretty. Really enjoy the lush floral display.

  5. That's just beautiful! I love the flowers...the way they are framed. So lovely. Nice of your mom to let you use her mantel. Her place sounds beautiful....sure you want to leave?

  6. This is such a pretty mantel! The combination of the beautiful, fresh flowers with the antique looking accessories is just perfect!

  7. I love the flowers on the mantel! Such rich color - really pops against the lighter colors. Great job!

  8. So pretty Em! Hope yall are having fun together.. cant wait to see pics!

  9. Very nice vignette. I believe your thingamagig is an old lantern. I love the weathered finish.

  10. I LOVE the flowers. All the colors of your vignette are so complimentary to each other. Beautiful!

  11. I love my mantel! I added my rose painting. My flowers are dying but they still look good. I need to go cut some more. Check out my bar stools.

  12. Visiting from The Shabby Creek Cottage. Very pretty!

  13. I love it!! There is nothing like having fresh flowers in the house! Thanks so much for sharing this as well at Thursday's Temptation.

  14. I have been loving all of your different mantels! I don't have a mantel (except in the basement) but I use my sofa table as "my mantel" and have been changing it often with your inspiration. I just read a challenge--having your readers/us give you theme ideas for your mantels. So I have a few ideas. Maybe you have done these before . . . so bare with me. In no particular order: a specific letter--all items start with "b" or another letter, or all items of one color in various shades, or all vintage items, or "my favorites"--with items that are your favorites that you have collected over the years, or a sporty theme, or international flair . . . See what you think!
    Thanks! Keep up the wonderful creativity!

  15. This is one my favorite mantles of your hole collection.


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