March 20, 2012

It's an Easter Egg Hunt!!

I've taken a little trip today to It's Overflowing, where I'm sharing a FUN {and oh so easy!} Easter Egg tute. Go check it out!! 


And, I've spent the day working on my American Crafter project. Let me tell you, they sure did not give us much time to get it done.

Laundry? Up to here. Dishes? Barely done. Husband? Neglected.

Oh, it's a crafter's life for me. Luckily the rain stopped and I was able to spray some things down with aerosoled paint. And, I hammered some nails. My right forearm now has a weird pain from all the sprayin' and the hammerin'. 

Let's hope I can get my project done and photographed tomorrow. Because, I'd hate to have weird forearm pain for naught. 

I tell you all that to say, regrettably, my Wednesday features won't be happening on Wednesday. SAD FACE! But, I will feature them on Friday...promise! And, I've got some good ones, so you'll want to come back! 

(you'll come back, won't you??)

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  1. I can't wait to see what your doing next! On a good day I find it easy to forget about housework and craft instead! (My husband of 20 years is even learning to cook finally!! I'm off to visit It's Overflowing now.

  2. Go love up Mr. Mantel, your crafting will be better and the hammer-paint arm will vanish.


  3. I have to say, your eggs are so creative, and so full of potential with other napkin designs! I'm a follow egg participant stopping by from It's Overflowing to say hi! Great job!

  4. Wonderful as ever, Emily! I've been silently in love with your blog for a while and I just gave you an award. Please come and see -

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