December 20, 2011

A Festive Christmas Brunch

My friend, Amy, and I hosted a potluck Christmas brunch at her house recently for a handful of our girlfriends. It was so nice to get together with some fun gals and laugh over girl-food and mimosas. 

(what's girl-food, you ask? Well, apparently carbs and sweets, because that's what everyone made!)

My friend, Ashley, made the most yummy and festive cupcakes ever! Aren't they pretty? They also tasted divine. 

Ashley made extra cupcakes and packaged them individually in solo cups and cellophane. We decided to use these as place card markers. I found the wooden snowflakes at Hobby Lobby and painted them with chalkboard paint (what haven't I chalkboard painted this Christmas?!) and tied those onto the cupcake packages with a length of natural raffia. So simple and so cute! Plus, the cupcake and snowflake ornament doubled as a fun take-home gift for the guests.

For the table centerpiece, Amy and I gathered cylinder vases of varying sizes and filled them with a sprig of evergreen and fresh cranberries. We added water and a floating candle to each vase and wrapped a length of pretty Pottery Barn burlap ribbon around the bases. The three arrangements were placed on a cake plate with more fresh greenery and a few stems of gold berries. All of this sat on an antique, gold-framed mirror. I loved all the natural and organic elements mixed with the sparkly crystal and metallics.

If you need to create an affordable centerpiece for your Christmas dinner (or breakfast, brunch or lunch...) consider fresh cranberries instead of fresh flowers. They are SO inexpensive and keep beautifully in the fridge.

Of course, we had to serve wassail and coffee. The wassail tastes like Christmas AND makes the house smell yummy!

These sweet cups were Amy's great grandmother's. We dressed them simply with small candy canes. 

It was a fun day with some fun friends!!



  1. Ok, so I am so excited you found me...and every part of this brunch makes me wish a million times over I was there...because it's just THAT beautiful!!!!

  2. It was just lovely!! I love Christmas brunch!

  3. Looks like yall had a good time Em! The decorating is gorgeous and the cupcakes look so yummy. (I love food ya know) Kinda sad I didnt get an invite.. sigh.. maybe next year ;)

  4. This is a beautiful brunch setting. The cupcakes look delicious and I love the way you used them for place cards. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I LOVE the cranberry centerpieces! Great idea!

  6. Those ARE the most beautiful cupcakes ever! How could you eat them?

  7. wow!! They look almost too pretty to eat!

    your decor is just adorable!!

  8. How absolutely beautiful!!! You are amazing! Glad you're my bloggy friend!!! XO!


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