November 24, 2011

Easy Wrapping Paper Art

Today's project was teased yesterday when I showed you the tutorial for Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree Topiaries. And, guess what? It's another easy project!

In October, I made easy pumpkin art using scrapbook paper. This tree was inspired by that project. Go read all about it! 

I started my project by cutting a triangle out of poster board. I freehanded this, but feel free to use a straight-edge or a template. 

I'm not that into straight lines. Obviously. 

I used my scalloped circle hole puncher to cut lots of circles from my wrapping paper and pages from an old book. 

Starting from the bottom, I arranged lines of circles on my tree, glueing them as I went. I decided to do every other line out of the book print because...well, no reason. Just because. 

 Many lines later, I placed my final, red circle on the tree. That process took me a total of 7 minutes.

I found a sheet of woodgrain wrapping paper in my closet that I'd picked up at Paper Source last year. I think it's perfect for this project! I cut the paper to fit inside an old frame (minus the glass) and attached the tree to it using double-sided tape. I doubled up my double-sided tape to lift it off the woodgrain a bit.

And, that was that. Another 7 minutes gone. I love fast projects!!

I love these projects because A) they were super fast to complete B) they only cost me supplies from my closet and C) they can be 100% tailored to your own personal Christmas decor. Is your wrapping paper Silver and Gold? Blue and White? Turquoise and Red? Yep, those colors will work too.

See what I mean?! Perfectly tailorable!

I hope everyone is having a very happy Thanksgiving! Just as soon as you clear away the dishes, it'll be time to start decking the halls, trimming the trees and sprucing the mantels. It's the most wonderful time of the year! 


  1. I just scored one of these punches at a garage sale for twenty cents. I've already been working on a paint chip mobile for my daughter. This is another great use! Thanks!

  2. Saw you at Serenity Now! What a cute project, and one I can actually make AND afford! :)

  3. That woodgrain paper is so cool looking! This is such a great idea for all those extra scraps of wrapping paper that aren't big enough to wrap a present with, but you save them anyway! Great ideas! You should come and enter my Vanilla Bean Paste giveaway

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  13. The present task was prodded yesterday when I showed you the instructional exercise for Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree Shrubberies. Furthermore, prepare to be blown away. It's another simple task!
    In October, I made simple pumpkin workmanship utilizing scrapbook paper. This tree was enlivened by that venture. Go read about it!
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    I began my task by removing a triangle of banner board. I generous this, however go ahead and utilize a straight-edge or a layout.


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