September 26, 2011

Mantel For a Baby Shower

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for a sweet small group friend. She's having a little girl (I just love baby girls!) in November and naming her Savannah. The shower turned out to be so much fun and the mantel was very cute. Even if I do say so myself. 

To make the wreath, I placed paper flowers on a grapevine form. Easy as can be!

That sweet sign usually hangs in my daughter's room, but I thought it would be perfect for this Baby Shower Mantel.

I used my Silhouette SD to make the fun name pennant. I love that machine!

And, I can't help but leave you with a final picture of my sweet, curious helper. I get to look at this adorable face every, single day. What a great life!! 


  1. I love the saying - "the first steps a baby takes are into your heart". Pinning this too :)

  2. This is SOOO pretty!!! I'm digging it completely. Never would have thought to decorate my mantel for a baby shower... just so sweet. Pinned!!! :)

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