September 19, 2011

First-Hint-of-Fall Mantel

It's September 19th and Fall officially begins on Friday. I can't believe my favorite time of year is upon us!

I decided to revamp my mantel for "The First Hints of Fall". I'm not quite ready to go all out as it's still HOT degrees in Texas, but I'm ready to acknowledge that the season is, indeed, near!

I made the bunting out of orange burlap and white spray paint. I placed a letter stencil on each flag and sprayed white paint lightly in the center. I simply held the stencil in place and was very relaxed about where the spray paint went. I didn't mind a little bleed through, it just adds to the charm.

I didn't take pictures of the process to give you a real tutorial (rookie mistake, I know!) but I will say that it was super easy. No sewing! Just punch holes in the corner of each flag and lace a ribbon through. Easy Peasy! I kind of wish I had used more spray paint, though. The letters are very faint.

Anyway, that's my first Fall mantel of the year. I'll be sure to let you see how it evolves throughout the season!


  1. I love the "fall" stamped on the orange burlap. Very nice!

  2. Where did you get the cute chalkboard??

  3. Love the simplicity of this with the pop of orange - beautiful! And the chalkboard is it an old tray?

  4. i know that you can make just about any thing in to a chalk board with chaulk board paint from lowes


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