June 4, 2014

12 Father's Day Ideas

It's the first week of June, which can only mean one thing...I'm back with my favorite crafty friends to bring you a whole slew of ideas! This month's focus is Father's Day. Yay, dads! Who could use some inspiration for that special guy in your life?! I've got an easy gift idea for you, a printable (and framable!) all about dad questionnaire. And, the other ladies have some great things, too! Keep reading for my freebie!

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This year I made a free printable to share with you. Just print it up, ask your littles all about their daddy using the questions included, have them draw a picture of daddy....and, then frame it for Father's Day. So simple!

To print, click here
You can see in the photo below that my daughter drew quite the masterpiece for her daddy ;). Apparently, that's a picture of him climbing a biiiiiiiiig mountain. I'm sure he'll love it! And, just so you know, yes, my hubby does alway wear "hair" ;).

Don't forget to go visit my friends. They've got lots of great ideas for Father's Day!


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