February 7, 2014

Valentine, you're one of my favorite PEEPS!

Happy Friday! Today starts the one-week countdown to Valentine's Day. Are you ready? Have you made your V-Day gifting plans yet? Well, if you're a PEEPS lover (more importantly, if your Valentine is a PEEPS lover), I've got the perfect free printable gift tags for you!

Have you tried the Valentine themed PEEPS? Truly, they are YUM. Of course, I did plenty of research before designing these tags (if you know what I mean) (and, I think you do). The strawberry and chocolate chicks (seen in the above picture) are probably my favorite. But, the chocolate raspberry hearts (seen in the last photo) are a very close second.

(click here to print tags)

Let me know if you try these PEEPS! I've gotta know if you agree with my "yum" assessment :).

**I received products from PEEPS to try out, but all opinions (and free printable tags) are my own. 


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