January 14, 2014

Free Printable Valentines (Blog Hop!)

Can you believe that Valentine's Day is only 1 month away?? Where does the time go, I ask? Today, I'm teaming up with some friends and giving you a whole SLEW of free printable Valentines! Mine are perfect for that coffee-lover in your life. You know, someone you happen to like (or love) a latte ;).

If you've come over from SAS Interiors, welcome! 

To see the other fun bloggers participating today, scroll to the bottom of this post! 

My printable tags happen to be the perfect size to add to a coffee shop giftcard. Simply print the file on white cardstock. Cut out each tag. And, then attach a tag to the giftcard envelope with double sided tape. Easy, peasy.

Click to Print FREE "Like" Tags
Click to Print FREE "Love" Tags
I created two tags to include those you LOVE and those you just LIKE (hey, we can't profess our love to just anyone, can we?). 

Don't want to give out coffee gift cards? Other ideas for these tags include:

  • a container of your favorite latte mix
  • a single serving packet of latte mix
  • a single latte k-cup
  • a cute mug, filled with yummies
  • a steaming cup of latte, hand delivered to your loved one (what a sweet wake-up call!) 
I think these would be great teacher gifts, neighbor gifts, coworker gifts and/or friend gifts. And, of course, it would make a sweet gift for your special Valentine :)

Be sure to visit Bethany at Dwellings by DeVore for your next free Valentine! And, then visit these lovely ladies for even MORE freebies:

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  1. LOVE this one! I LOVE chai tea lattes. It my prego girl obsession :) Too bad they're so expensive from Startbucks, bc those are my fave right now! I need to look in to this mix!!!

    1. Girl, you need to get to Trader Joe's- fast! SO yummy and inexpensive (maybe $4 for the tub?!) :)

  2. Perfect idea! It is something really original and I am sure that gift of that type will be much appreciated! So... send out your love!

  3. Thanks. I printed some of the tags. That chai tea sounds awesome. I hardly ever go to Trader Joe's, the 1 near us isn't that close, but I've been wanting to get there. So now I have a reason to go.

    1. SO glad you are using the tags!! I hope your recipient likes them :).

      And, yes, this latte is worth the trip to TJs!

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