April 26, 2013

Decoupaged Fabric Box {and Succulent Planter!}

Have you ever decoupaged with fabric? It's awesome because we all know fabric comes in ENDLESSLY cute options! Anyone else a fabric hoarder? Listen, there's no shame here. This is our safe place. 

I picked up an unfinished wooden box at the Target dollar spot (ahem, it was $3...what the heck, Targ??) and knew it had potential. Enter this fabric-covered succulent planter box! (that's a mouth-full, I know). 

Decoupaged Fabric Box

Unfinished Box
Mod podge (I like matte finish)
Paint brush

1) Gather supplies
2) Use box as a template to cut fabric to size (overlapping end by 1/2") and mark with a pen. 
**tip: use the selvage side for the top of your box to eliminate fraying!
3) Cut along line
4) Generously paint Mod Podge on one side
5) Place fabric on top of Mod Podge (using the top and bottom as a guide). Repeat with all 4 sides
6) Generously paint Mod Podge on top of all four sides of the fabric box

As you can see in the photos, I did not pre-paint my wooden box. If you don't love unfinished edges, paint them (and let them dry!) prior to attaching your fabric! 

Did you notice I didn't drill a drain hole in my planter box? Why? Well...because, I'm lazy.

And, I may want to fill my box with something else later on down the road.

And, I never put my succulents in draining containers, anyway (as you may remember from my Easter table).

And, it always works out fine for me.

BUT...if you're a plant guru and this is freaking you out, by all means, drill a drain hole or two.

(But, whatever you do, don't send me hate mail. Hate mail makes me cry. Let me state for the record, I have nothing against drain holes) ;)

So, there you have it. My undraining, succulent planter! Pretty, don't you think? 

What are you going to decoupage this weekend? I'm dying to know! :)


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  1. Iv never thought of doing this with fabric but it has turned out really well. You've made a very special plant holder there :)

  2. This is so cute! I had to share this on my fb page! I hope you don't mind! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Organically-Opulent/155838211246867

    I love the succulent too!


  3. Emily, this project is great...I LOVE it!

  4. Pretty! Succulents are the best! Where have they been all my life?!
    Lesley / bytheporchlight.com

  5. So cute!! I think succulents are so pretty!! Love it!!

  6. this is a super cute idea. i have old wooden boxes that i haven't known what to do with them. i will make this project with them

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! Let me know how your project turns out! :)

  7. this is a super cute idea. i have old wooden boxes that i haven't known what to do with them. i will make this project with them

  8. Fabric and succulents... in love! Thanks for sharing!

    Take care,


    1. Thanks Trish!! I do love fabric and succulents too :)

  9. I've never thought of using fabric to cover a planter - fantastic Idea. It turned out so pretty!

  10. Love this project! I've yet to decoupage fabric!

  11. I love the fabric you chose for this project...simply gorgeous!

    1. Thanks!! It's one of my faves too. I love orange and aqua!


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