October 29, 2012

Halloween Costume Contest

Happy Mantel Monday! I had a mantel post all written and scheduled, but at the last minute I've changed directions. My friend, Kelley from The Grant Life, asked if I'd join her and a few friends in a totally last minute Halloween Costume Contest. And, since I love contests AND spontaneity I said heck yeah!

So, let's get this last-minute party started! Enter your costume in our first annual Halloween Costume Contest!  The winner creeps away with a Hobby Lobby gift card!  The rules are simple.. enter your homemade costume and encourage your friends to vote for your little pirate. 

Link up today, voting starts Tuesday and continues Wednesday.  The winner will be crowned on Thursday.  

And, since it's Mantel Monday and all, here are two great places to look for Halloween Mantel inspiration:

23 Festive Halloween Mantels (features!)

4 Halloween Mantels (from my home!)


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52 Mantels
52 Mantels
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52 Mantels

I link up here and here!


  1. That was a VERY hard decision to make.


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