July 16, 2012

No-Mantel Monday?

I mentioned on Friday that I'm traveling again. This time I'm on a mountain getaway to New Mexico with my sisters, mom and alllll our kiddos. Yay for Summer! In the meantime, my Mantel Monday guest blogger fell through (sad face!). SO, no mantel today (believe me, if this cabin had a mantel, I'd throw some New Mexican art on it and show it to you in a hurry). 

Of course, you can always see the non-mantel fun I'm up to this week by visiting me on instagram!

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  1. I hope you are enjoying your vacation! :D

  2. oh bummer that it fell through - but we'll be looking forward to your return!! xo

  3. I'm sorry no mantel is up. At least I don't have to feel guilty for months of mantel inactivity.


  4. Ummmmmmmmmm yeah so that is pretty embarrassing I just checked now to see how the post looked and realize we never sent the HTML to you! It was ready to go but with the hub bub of EVO we never actually sent it, just got the code ready. D'Oh! #lollyjanegirlsareairheads :(

    Check your email!


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