June 11, 2012

Father's Day Mantel + Paper Mantel Challenge Info!

Happy Mantel Monday, friends! Today's mantel is all about Father's Day. Because Father's Day is this coming weekend. Are you ready?? 

I'm going to be short and sweet with my mantel details, because I've got lots to tell you today. For this Father's Day Mantel, I chose to celebrate my hubby since he's the only father who will see my mantel this week. But, there are other amazing father's in our lives, just so we're all clear (love you Dad!).

The free printables added the perfect touch to my mantel and the thanks goes to (L-R) Homespun with Love and My Sister's Suitcase. Thanks for sharing your creations, ladies! 

Side note: I actually found the Subway Art Printable from a Pinterest search.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover it came from my friends over at Homespun with Love. Small, pinteresting world, don't you think??

Okay, on to other, exciting info...

Remember way back in April when I let you all pick a mantel theme for me to interpret in June?? Well, you picked 100% Paper and NEXT MONDAY is the week I reveal my 100% Paper Mantelscape! Grab the button, if you're into buttons!

52 mantels

What's even more awesome than a 100% Paper Mantelscape are the 5 other {incredible!} bloggers who are also creating paper mantelscapes!! We'll get to see their mantels on June 19th and 20th, so set your calendars!

Wanna meet those awesome bloggers??

Jenni Horne Studios
Jenni Horne Studios
My name is Jenni Horne. I am an artist, art educator, Mother and Wife living an amazing creative life in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Since childhood being creative has always played an important role. From sneaking time on Mother’s yellow sewing machine, writing poetry and scrapbooking to doodles on the church bulletin, imagination has served as a stepping stone to a life brimming with joy. Now I embrace these creative inspirations full-time while navigating the path of being a thriving artist. I consider myself a painter…although dabbling in sculpture, sewing, and jewelry making my heart very full. I love the role as guide when it applies to art making and nothing gives me more joy than to see other’s spread their wings and grab onto an idea I’ve planted. My motto for Jenni Horne Studios is to “scatter joy through paint….fabric…..metal”. It’s with these three mediums I invite you into the journey and create with me.

Stay at Home-ista
HI, I'm Jessica from Stay at Home-ista. I am a Harvard-trained architect, now proudly staying at home with 3 small children, a new house to decorate (that I designed!), and three meals a day to put on the table.That makes me a stay at home mom, house decorator, blogger, baker and occasional craft-maker. I'm putting my passion for design, food and family to work! I built the dream, but I still live in reality.

A Night Owl

Hi! I'm Kimberly from A Night Owl, a blog about the evening antics of a working mom! I'm wife to my best friend Andre, and mother to two adorable boys, AJ and Alex. In my "spare time" I enjoy crafting, photography, thrifting, parties or a quick and easy recipe and have really enjoyed sharing this aspect of my life with all of you! I love to connect with new friends and would love for you to come by A Night Owl and introduce yourself!

My Sister's Suitcase

Hi! We're Nat and Holly, 2 sisters who share a love of all things creative. Since we're currently living 462 miles apart, this blog gives us a place to share our ideas {and an excuse for lots of late-night phone calls!} We hope to inspire you with our
holiday and home decor, easy DIY projects, and creative upcycling. We also have lots of simple kids activities, free printables, and inexpensive gift ideas. If you like what you see, come check out more of what's in My Sister's Suitcase!

Corner of Plaid and Paisley

Hi, I am Ann from Corner of Plaid and Paisley. I will try to let you in on who I am; but I still have a hard time figuring that out sometimes! I like to think of myself as still evolving.  I have a wonderful husband of 29 years named Tom -he is my best friend.   We have been blessed with three great kids who I love dearly.  When my kids were growing up we were busy with dance, hockey, baseball , lacrosse and  I loved every minute of it!  Now they are all grown up and I really miss those days.  They are all wonderfully supportive of my ventures and I appreciate them for that!!
I work full time hours at a part time job for Mattel  - every girl's dream job to grow up and still get to play with Barbie!  Even when I was little I was always making clothes for my dolls or furniture out of a box.  My mother is a fabulously talented sewer and I inherited her love for fabric.  In the past few years my interests have grown from fabric to paper and now to dishes too!  I just love prints, polkadots, plaids and paisleys- hence the blog name.  Other things I love:  my dog, chocolate, walking, ice cream - oh just  make that walking my dog to get chocolate ice cream - that should cover it all!! This blogging thing is very new to me and I am really enjoying it - so I hope you are enjoying it too. I can't wait to see what these lovely ladies come up with !!

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  1. Super awesome, and looks like a great bunch of ladies! :)

  2. You rock Emily! Thank you so much for your awesome mantel display which included our Fathers Day Subway Art Printable! :)

  3. What a great idea with the ties!!! I can't wait for next week to see what you all designed :DDD!

  4. Thanks for using our father's day printable! So excited for the paper mantel challenge :)

  5. So excited for the paper mantle challenge, I really have to get on that already:)


  6. So excited to see all the paper mantels!!

  7. Love your lovely nod to your husband! And am excited to check out your paper mantels next week. Looks like a fabulous line-up of incredibly talented bloggers!



  8. I'm loving the ties! Can't wait to see the paper mantels!

  9. What a cute & creative mantel! Love the ties!

  10. I love the father's day mantel! So cute!

  11. OK, this is nuts! I don't think I even know where to begin for a paper mantel. I put the button on top of my blog, maybe one of my followers has been waiting for a paper mantel party. I'll now lay in bed at night trying to think of something. Too bad my fireplace isn't in my office, I'd do it out of junk mail.


  12. Another truly FANtastic mantel! Bravo!

  13. what a fabulous and original mantle! seriously!

  14. Cool mantel! I love the ties! Creative!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party #36

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