April 13, 2012

Oh Snap. I Ironed a Shirt, Y'all.

Before we jump right on into it, I have to make the disclaimer that this project is in NO way associated with the SNAP conference happening in two weeks. Yes, I am jealous of you lucky attendees and will expect a full report upon your return home (ahem..you know who you are), BUT this shirt isn't my nod to the fun. In fact, I did this shirt ages ago (in blog time). Remember my embroidery hoop art? Yep. I made this at the same time. But, I've just had so much other stuff to show you, this got lost in the shuffle.

Eh, it happens. 

Side note: Isn't my punkin cute in that top picture? Does she know how to pretend to say oh, snap...or what?? 

Okay, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. I got my heat transfer from Pick Your Plum way back in December. I used it for a Christmas throw pillow (Sorry, I never shared that with you. Sometimes I craft in secret). And, then I used it in the aforementioned craft room art. And, now I'm showing you how I used it on a cute tee for my baby girl. That's a lot of bang for some tiny buck. Obviously, you can't still get this at Pick Your Plum, but you can get similar products online (like at the Silhouette website, to which I hold no affiliation). 

I used my Silhouette to make this, but you could just trace a design and cut it out with your scissors. Or, you could use another digital die-cut machine. Basically, you have options. 

The shirt was a steal from Buy Buy Baby for $2. I loved the yellow. I loved the stripes. I loved the price. It was a no-brainer for me. 

I set this up on my Silhouette (using a $0.99 camera graphic download from the Silhouette catalog) and then followed the instructions that came with my heat transfer. When my image was cut, I positioned it on the shirt and ironed it down. Easy as pie!

I've laundered this several times and have experienced no fading or peeling. It's held up beautifully!

I think this would also be very cute on a canvas bag. Maybe a bag that holds camera gear in it??

Oh, I'm onto something now. 

You all have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday for Mantel Monday! 

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  1. CUTE, cute, cute, CUTE!

    (Sometimes, I worry myself when I start screaming cute at people in their comment box, but, oh well, you just gotta go with it).

    And, yes, your punkin' is adorable.

    And I'm really jealous that you craft in secret.

    I wish I did that! : )

  2. Adorable! Your punkin and the shirt! I need to get a Silhouette. So many crafts to use it for.....hmmm...maybe my birthday in June....

  3. Adorable! What a sweet child and a precious shirt too! Oh I need a silhouette... : )

  4. Alright now...that's like the cutest thing ever! Just so you know, I might totally copy you! And yes...your darling is SO cute!

  5. That is SOOOO cute! I love the bright yellow with the gray! Your LO makes it even cuter! ;)

  6. What an adorable little shirt! Cauuute! :-) Happy Friday, Emily!

  7. Ha! I love it! She does look like shes saying 'oh snap!' too stinkin cute!

  8. So sweet! I need to break out my machine and get to business!

  9. Do you know what font you used for the "oh snap"? Could you look it up? I can't find one that I like as well as yours.


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