March 30, 2012

Spring and Easter Projects!

Crafty Scrappy Happy- Spring Decor

Awww...I love Spring, don't you?? Yesterday, here in Texas, it was 80 degrees out so I took my little cutie to the park...twice. And, it's 9am and she's still sleeping. So, maybe all that outdoor fun wore her out!! 

Here are a handful of Spring and Easter-themed projects to get you in the mood to enjoy this wonderful time of year! 

Homespun With Love- Easter Paper Flower Bouquet

I know The Plans I Have For You- DIY Lemonade Stand (from old pallets!)

Angela's Adventures- Painted Jar (plus several other ways to add turquoise to your decor!)

It's Overflowing- Spring Tablescape

ReMade Simple- DIY Spring Flower

Alderberry Hill- Paper-punched Easter Eggs

Pops and Podge- Cocunut Easter Cake 

Destination: Craft- Spring-Inspired Stenciled Pots

Cherished Bliss- Spring Wreath

Jenni Horne Studios- Springy Yellow Urns

Itsy Bitsy Paper Blog- Dollar Store Easter Jars

**Don't forget to check back later today for my FINAL American Crafter Project!! 

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  1. Thank you so much Emily for featuring our Easter Bouquet in your line up! :)

  2. Thanks for the feature! You're awesome!

  3. Fun features! Defiantly puts me in the mood for spring. :)

  4. Thanks soooo much for the feature, Emily!!


  5. What a great list of projects you have put together. Thank you so much for featuring my Dollar Store Easter Jars.

  6. Emily, thank you so much for the feature!!

  7. These are adorable!

  8. Thanks so much for the feature!!


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