February 3, 2012

Girls Gone Shoppin'

My friend and I took our combined 3 offspring on a little day trip to Canton, Texas yesterday for First Monday Trade Days. What's that, you ask? It's only, like, the mega-ist garage sale, thrift store, antique mall, junk yard madness...ever!

(which I'm saying with no intention of fact-checking. It might only be the third or fourth or fifth mega-ist)

(I don't really know)

What I do know is that we spent over 6 hours walking around, digging through piles, haggling with vendors and searching for treasures. And, barely scratched the surface. We should have taken a weekend trip.

But, then we'd've been forced to get temp jobs at the local Waffle House to buy our way home. Because, you know, we'd've spend the gas money on glass jars or rusty buckets or dirty picture frames.

Sometimes we don't think things through.

I saw no fewer than 6 globes that wanted desperately to come home with me. I left with zero.

Already kinda sad about that.

Ashley found some cool old stuff to transform in cute ways. 

Tate complained about the gobs of walking 7 minutes into our morning. 

I complained 6 minutes in. 

Oh, why do old windows have to look at me like that?


Our pack mules strollers were AMAZING. Where do people without kids keep their diet cokes, lunch bags, purses, camera bags and...ridiculous-amounts-of-junk-type-stuff?

And, while we're asking questions, how cool is this old adding machine?

And, potato mashers?

And, wooden bats?

After a long day...baby's got applesauce in her hair and momma's lost her make-up. Somewhere in pavilion 4.

And, this is where we turned back around. Oh, look at all those treasures waiting to be discovered!

What did I come home with?

Stuff. Lots of random stuff.

Including bird-themed stuff for my daughter's bird-themed first birthday party!

And, how I could I leave without this?

I couldn't.

And, I didn't

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  1. What an entirely fun post, thanks for taking us along. My daughter's mother-in-law lives in Dallas and told me about first Monday Goodness .... Now I am thinking I am going to need to head south SOON!!!!

  2. OH Man! So sad I didn't get to go this time. LUV all your fun purchases! And am missing me sum Baby M.... dangit that girl's adorable!!

  3. Pollyanna, yes- you definitely need to head south!! And, I suggest taking more than one day to shop. There is SO much to see and SO many paths to take. It would be impossible to see everything in one day!

    Jill, we missed you!! M did very well. She's a Canton pro! I was going to snag some more scrap wood letters, but they were $3 instead of $2 this time. I cheaped out.

  4. The numbers are perfect! Awesome!

  5. That old Adding Machine is actually a check printer. How do I know this? I watch Pawn Stars! Yay!

    1. Hahaha...that's awesome that you know that! I would have never guessed it. How much is it worth??? Do I want to know? I didn't come home with it, so probably not...


  6. Did you say you found heaven? Sure looks like heaven! hee hee Love the numbers...how perfect! I need two 1's if you ever see more!!

  7. OH yeah, the numbers, I love the numbers. Now I also know why I don't like to go shopping anymore, I don't push a stroller these days. Duh. Makes perfect sense I gotta care all my crap now.


    P.S. This was a good post, funny you.

  8. LOVE the numbers. Wish there was something neat like that sale where I live. Its a vintage drought out here!

  9. OH MY!! I would die to go to a sale like that!! Love it! And your finds are way cool.

    1. It is the best!! You would be in heaven, for sure!!

  10. Places like that are my weakness! I LOVE them! I dream about them! I have to take an allotted amount of cash with me so I don't go overboard :)

  11. OH my goodness!!! I would just die! and so would my hubby with the stuff i would bring home! Sounds like a fun day!

  12. Oh I'm jealous! I got to go to the First Monday Trades day years ago. I'd love to go again, but I live too far away now to make that happen. Thanks for sharing your day with us :)

  13. Oh what fun! Don't know how you girls did it with kids,though. LOL It's all I can do to wheel my own cart around places like this and manage a husband who likes to tag along, as well! :-)

  14. Oh! Emily, how did you ever leave "52" there? Oops, I mis-read that. So happy that you got it. Come follow me on Linky, please.

  15. I would've had the hardest time leaving! It looks like an absolute treasure hunt. You found some great stuff!

  16. Oh My, what a great day!!! I could wander for hours, how funny about the Mantels sign. :) I can't wait to see the bird themed birthday come together!!

  17. How fun! we don't have anything like that around where I live. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and for stopping by- following along!!

  18. I would have been like a kid in a candy store there! Could have added those globes to my collection! I have that wire basket you bought. Looks like a great day (applesauce and no makeup included)!

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