February 8, 2012

Fun Features!!

Howdy friends!! Can I start this post off by saying that I'm SO sorry if I owe you a return comment or email?? My entire house (myself included) has fallen ill with a nasty little bug and I'm so behind on every.single.task I have on my list. Please forgive me.

But, let's get this feature party started, shall we?? You guys really rocked it out again last Thursday! I love going through all the projects and being inspired by your creativity. You guys are even better than PINTEREST!! And, you know how much I love pinterest.

Yummy Treats & Eats:

Sweet & Salty Brownies in a Jar from Angela's Adventures

"Popcorn" Cupcakes from Live, Laugh, Rowe
(so easy, even I could pull this off! Hint: starts with a box mix!)

Nine Pepper Soup from Permanent Posies

Zebra Cupcakes from The Sasse Life

Valentine Goodies:

Matchbook Valentine with printable from My Sister's Suitcase
Love is in the Air at Harrison Home

Pearl Heart Wall Plaque from Silo Hill Farm

Valentine Tree from Holiday Sparkle

DIY Awesomeness:

Embroidery Hoop Memo Boards from Jenni Horne Studios

Master Bedroom Reveal from Creatively Living

Cute Owl Art from The Terp Blog

Go check out those awesome projects and recipes! And, come back tomorrow for Thursdays are YOUR Days!! 

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  1. Emily, I'm so sorry you've not been well. Hope you're on the mend now. Thank you for featuring my wall hanging, it was a fun one to do!

  2. Thank you for the feature!!! I am inspired weekly by all of your amazing mantel designs! Hope you feel better soon, we had it here too and it was a bad one I know..

  3. Thanks for the feature! Hope you are all healthy again soon!

  4. Woohoo! I was featured! Thank you. Thank you.

  5. I do hope you and the family are feeling better. I love the Valentine Tree? How did I miss this. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  6. Yay! Thanks for the features, Emily!!! Talk soon, friend...
    Praying for good health for you and the family :)

    Kelly @ live.laugh.rowe

  7. Thank you for sharing! These project is so cute~
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