February 13, 2012

Butterfinger Trifle

I think the name of this recipe says it all. We've got butterfinger. We've got trifle. We've got happiness in a Pampered Chef dish. 

Every 6th Wednesday night it's my hubby's and my turn to take dessert to our small group gathering. Last week we were up and I decided to make something especially for my hubs. I asked him for his most favorite candy bar selection and he responded with Butterfinger.

(What? Should I have already known my husband's most favorite candy bar?)

I decided on a trifle, because trifles are easy, yummy and pretty. Plus, they're pretty hard to mess up. I took my cues from the candy bar and embraced the peanut butter/chocolate combo.

Why mess with a good thing?

Butterfinger Trifle
1 box of brownie mix 
1 8-ounce container of sour cream
2 small boxes of vanilla pudding
1/2 C of creamy peanut butter
1 pint of whipping cream + sugar to taste
4 fun-size butterfinger candy bars- crushed

Make the brownies according to the package instructions PLUS add the 8 ounce container of sour cream along with the ingredients listed on the box. This will make your brownies extra dense and moist! While the brownies are baking, mix the two boxes of pudding with 3 cups of cold milk and 1/2 cup of peanut butter. Place your pudding in the fridge while you beat your whipping cream until it thickens. Add sugar to taste. I prefer my whipped cream to be only slightly sweet to tone down the sweetness of the other layers. But, you can make it extra sweet and sugary if you want. I won't tell on you.

When your brownies are done, cut them into small cubes and begin layering your trifle. Brownie, pudding, whipped cream, repeat. You should have two layers of each. Top your trifle with the crushed butterfinger and place in the refrigerator until ready to serve. I prefer to let trifles chill for several hours before serving. In fact, they tend to taste better with each passing day, so don't be afraid to assemble this a day before serving!

Want to hear my sob story? I sent this dessert to small group with my hubby while I stayed home with our little sickie. I was very much looking forward to him returning with some leftovers so I could enjoy a bite or two. 

He returned with an empty dish.

Sad. But, also testament to the yumminess of this peanut buttery, chocolatey, butterfingered recipe. 

Enjoy! And, to do so, you might ought to serve yourself first.

Just sayin' :)

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  1. Oh you have amazed me yet again! This one is being pinned and looks amazing! I hope your little one feels better soon and am sorry you didn't get a taste of :(

  2. yummmm, ummmm, yummmmm....

    I said that twice today.


  3. That sounds totally over-the-top yummy!

  4. I NEED to make that!! My Pampered Chef Trifle dish is jealous and wants some Butterfinger Trifle Lovin'!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Ill be waiting by the mailbox for this to be sent to me. Kthanks.

  6. holy cow this looks good! I'd love you to add this to my What We Wore and Made link party. Also I'm your newest linky follower.


  7. This sounds heavenly!!! YUM!! Thanks for the recipe! Thanks for sharing at Thursday's Temptation.

  8. Yum! I am totally pinning this so that people stop by for this yummy recipe:)
    You should come and link it up to my Pomp Party.

    Amanda Joy
    Joy in the Jumble

  9. Oh. Em. Gee. I want to put my face in that! Delicious!

  10. Found you through Tatertots and Jello's linky! This looks really good! :)

  11. This stuff is soooo dangerous! You're a genius! Thank you! Passed your recipe on!

  12. Thanks for the recipe! Your photography of the trifle is great. Sorry you didn't get any of the trifle but you DID get your pretty trifle dish back...ir could have been worse. I saw your post over at "The Project Queen" link party.

  13. Ummm...yeah. I need one of these right now. Butterfingers are my favorite and the mental knowledge that there is sour cream involved makes me sublimely happy. I will SO So so be making this soon. Thanks for the recipe. I found you through Chef in Training's Tuesday link party and I'm staying.

  14. Now your speaking my husband's language. Sounds like grub.

  15. Oh my. I think the only way to describe this is amazing! I'd love for you to join my linky, Crazy Sweet Tuesday sometime! :)

  16. Delicious!!! Oh my goodness...looks so GREAT! Thanks for sharing at Overflowing with Creativity! I can't wait to see what you link up at my party tomorrow! I LOVE following you...you're so inspiring!

    ***I featured your yummy trifle on my blog today!***

    XO, Aimee

  17. Hi Emily, Oh my this looks delicious! Thanks so much for sharing on Project Queen's Link Party! I will be featuring it tonight at the Highlight Party.

  18. what is the 1 8-ounce container of sour cream for?

    1. sorry i somehow skipped right over the sour cream part while reading the recipe :)

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