December 14, 2011

Sad Mac

In 2012 I'm starting a new series called My Crazy Instagramed Life.  But, I'm previewing it today.  Why? Well, last night my beautiful, wonderful, perfectly perfect MacBook Pro went on the fritz.

Major, huge, dramatic sigh.

Right now my sweet laptop is at the Apple Hospital. Scared, alone, probably cold. And, I'm here. Completely without the photographic evidence of the remaining Christmas projects I was just itching to show you guys. 

Major, huge, dramatic sigh. 

I have a few pictures still on my camera and I have a few posts that I pre-scheduled, so you'll still get a handful of Christmas lovin' here at 52 Mantels, but you won't see everything I've done this month and that is the biggest sigh of all. 

So, in honor of the iPad who's quickly becoming my BFF, I'm kicking off the new Instagram series early. I like to call this picture: Wait, oh, no, hey, you, stop that. Stop that right now

Today my lil' punkin realized that if she stood on her tippiest of toes she could just barely reach the tray holding a trio of beautiful mercury glass Christmas trees.

Wait, oh, no, hey, you, stop that. Stop that right now.



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