December 30, 2011

Getting organized!

This is not an exciting blog post, but I wanted to show you a few new features at 52 Mantels. I'm getting all of my projects organized to make it easier to reference. Yay for organization!

Under the new tabs, you'll find my recipes, crafts, printables, etc. I've even put all of my mantels into one place for quick reference (I'm at 15, in case you're counting). 

The awesome linked picture squares are curtesy of Inlinkz, in case you're wondering! 

I've separated my crafts/DIY by season, so you'll find Christmas in Winter. Which is totally obvious and didn't need to be said. But, I just said it, nonetheless. 

See how I use my glue-gun way more than I use my oven? My recipe file is slim, but it'll grow.


(but, maybe not.)

This next bit of info may be a total "Duh!" moment for you, but I'm going to share anyway...

Do you know how some people leave you a comment and you're able to reply directly to them via email (yay!!) and then others are marked as "" and you can't reply to them directly (boo!)? Well, I was one of those noreply-comment people and I didn't even know it. Gasp! I'm so sorry to anyone who's tried to reply to me by email. I've quickly remedied this and thought I would tell you how so you can leave the land of the noreply-comment

This is if you have a blogger profile set up. Go to the User Profile and edit your profile. Then, check the box that says "show my email address". That's it! Such a simple fix to an annoying problem! Hope that helps at least one other person out there! 

Happy organization! 



  1. Ok, so I NEED to know how you did the linkedin thingie with your posts. SO COOL!

  2. Hi Emily, I really need to get organized. Somehow I missed your comment on All Around the House and that you had become a follower. I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. But I am glad to meet you and am following you now
    Here's to getting organized in 2012.
    Happy New Year!

  3. I need to do this! My posts are over the place. Maybe Ill try after my vacay :)

  4. Ps.. glad your not a no-reply blogger anymore too! Yay!

  5. Hi Emily,

    I had a fellow blogger leave the same comment on my blog a while back about no-reply being enabled and I couldn't for the LIFE of me find out where to change it on my dashboard. So thanks to the clear directions, I was able to check that little box to show my e-mail! I love your blog!!!

  6. Emily, I mentioned this post on my FB page just now!! Thanks for inspiring!! XO, Aimee

  7. I am so impressed! I guess when I get back, I will try to revamp.

  8. I absolutely ADORE this post.. SOOO cute.. Very creative.. THANKS SO MUCH for linking via Pin'Inspirational Thursday today.. This ROCKS and its one of my fav's of the day.. Thanks again.. Wishing you an amazing evening.. xoxo.. Marilyn...


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