December 10, 2011

Christmas Card Display


Welcome to the FINAL day of Creating Christmas!! Wow, my co-hosts have really been on a roll this week. I've been inspired and I've been PIN-spired. Oh, how my boards runneth over!

Today, I want to talk about Christmas cards! Can I just say that I LOVE going to my mailbox every. single. day in December?! I absolutely adore the pretty cards my friends and family send me us at Christmastime.  I love them so much that I don't toss them out in January. How could I possibly do that knowing how much love/time/money/effort went into them?

Well, what do I do with all those cards after the season ends? Glad you asked because I'm about to show you.

The PHOTO cards go into a photo album that I keep on a bookshelf year round. I simply add the new batch of cards to the end of the book and label the year. This is a very easy process and requires minimal effort. I love looking at my loved ones through the years!! It's so fun to compare picture to picture.

(don't go wearing the same outfit as last year because I'll notice)

(ha, just kidding. I mean, I will notice, but I'd still love you AND your card)

The NON-photo cards go into my tubs with the Christmas decorations. At the start of the new Christmas season I take them out of the tub and try to reuse them in crafty ways.

I'll show you one of those ways now...

This year I used my 2 inch circle cutter and cut out pretty sections of the cards.

And, then I glued those rounds to clothespins.

I paired these clothespins with a length of twine and used that as my card display. I ALWAYS display my cards until I put away the Christmas decor. I love love love looking at all my beautiful friends and family for an entire month!

This year's display is in my entry hall so all of our December visitors can appreciate all the smiling faces and festive cards!

Pretty soon I'll fill the entire length of twine so I'll simply attach the new cards to the bottom of the existing cards.

Like such:

This year I have TWO sets of Christmas cards to send. One set I ordered from Cardstore during an AWESOME Black Friday sale. And, the next set I won off Tiny Prints in a contest on The Grant Life. Thanks, Kelley!

If you're my real life friend, look away. These cards should (cross your fingers) be in your mailbox soon(ish).

Aren't the recycled card clothespin hangers cute?

Here's how it would look if you walked through my front door right now.

Yes, I've changed my wreath. Again. It's just this thing I do. But, don't worry, my sock wreath has found a nice home in my kitchen.



  1. Love that extra touch of adding the round paper buttons to the clothespins!

  2. You have the cutest projects... here I am on your site for way too Love this idea... I have so many cards to display every year... now I know what to do!

  3. Thank you so much for all the ideas! You are so creative :) I LOVE your idea on how to save Christmas cards. Jamie-Sarah Vaccaro


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