November 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Table: Simple Can Be Beautiful

In celebration of Thanksgiving's near arrival, I'm doing a series on all things tables! On Tuesday I introduced you to some beautiful products at Texan Foodie and told you how you can win a set of Texas Wine Glasses!  And, I'll be spending the next several days giving you a few ideas on creating a beautiful tablescape for your Thanksgiving feast. What a delightful week, don't you think? 

Let's get on to today's idea: 

When creating your centerpiece, think outside the box. Or, maybe just think: box. This woven suitcase box adds the perfect blend of texture and height, making it a very good platform for adding a few Fall items to your Thanksgiving table. I love how the box elevates these simple, orange pumpkins. Why not put them on a pedestal for one night? You don't have to spend a ton of money OR a ton of time to create a special table for Thanksgiving! Sometimes all it takes is a shopping trip around your home.

And, if you'd like a little interaction at the dinner table, consider adding a small bowl of cards and have people write down what they are thankful for. Not only does it look pretty, it will also spark some great table conversation. And, everyone will leave your house thinking you're the hostess with the mostess. 

Because, let's face it, you are. 

Can I add that I adore these multicolored pumpkins? They are so unique and imperfect. I love imperfect things. Because, you know, I can relate (insert life lesson here). It reminds me of the verse in Ecclesiastes that says God makes everything beautiful in its own time. If there's hope for speckled, lumpy pumpkins, there must be hope for speckled, lumpy me.


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