November 30, 2011

Paper Tree Inspired By Anthro

Recently I popped into Anthropologie to check out their Christmas lovelies. My monthly lovelies budget was pretty tapped, so I didn't go home with anything. But, while there I spotted a 13" Christmas tree made from printed paper. So, cute, but at $48? No way that lovely was going home with me. 

Instead, I decided to make my own version.

I started with an old book, my pinking shears, cardboard scraps (cut from a big diaper box) and a wooden skewer.  Initially I was going to use a wooden knob for the topper, but I changed my mind and used a sparkly ornament. 

I then removed a stack of pages and cut them into varying sized squares. No need to measure, just wing it. Start with large squares and get progressively smaller.

I decided that I wanted the base of my tree to be a canning jar because...that would be seriously cute, right? So, I hot-glued a cardboard square to the rim of the lid and added a small hole to the center to poke my skewer through.

I then started layering a few paper squares at a time, followed by a small (1x1 inch) square of cardboard and then more paper.

Make sense?

The small cardboard pieces just separate the layers a bit. Sometimes I layered two in a row and sometimes just a single piece.

I'm a very relaxed crafter.

If you haven't figured that out by now. 

Keep layering until you fill the skewer. 

 When I had my tree stacked, I glued the bottom of the tree to my cardboard/lid base.

And, that's pretty much it! You're ready to fill your jar with whatever you fancy and screw on the lidded tree. I added a small, sparkly ornament to the top with a bit of hot glue.

Note: If your tree is wobbly, add a chunk of styrofoam to your jar and then fill around that. The skewer will poke into the styrofoam and stabilize the tree. I filled my jar with aqua yarn and that wasn't sturdy enough to hold my tree steady.

Of course, mine has already floated around my house a bit. My decor is constantly wandering from room to room.

I'm so fickle.

Speaking of fickle? I've already changed my Christmas theme this year. I just didn't have enough stuff to really work Mod Lodge so I decided to take away the green deer paper we discussed last week and added black/white and aqua.

I know, I know. Fickle! But, I think I'm set with this new theme now. It shall be called:

I'm dreaming of a green red aqua gold silver brown black cream white Christmas. 

Rolls right off the tongue.

Well, hello little forest of paper trees. Welcome to my crazy Christmas tree collection



  1. Love the tree idea...maybe if I get some extra down time I will try making one. You are a great crafter and have some really neat ideas...thanks again for sharing! Love you!

  2. I love Anthro-inspired projects and this one is great! I discovered you at Whatever Goes Wednesday, so thanks for sharing!

  3. Great project .. I'm totally in love with all things made from old text books too and can see this project being made in our home very soon.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. hahaha.. love this! what a great little tree addition your collection ;) def going to make one!

  5. These are great! My partially shredded dictionary is in for a workout soon! Consider, if you will,sharing with my readers at
    Christmas Blessings!

  6. I LOVE it!!! Anything Anthropologie for cheap is right by me!!!

    Aimee from

  7. oh so cool! putting it on my craft to-do list!!! thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh I just have to try this!!! I love the scrapbook scissor cut edges on the paper!!!

  9. LOVE this tree, as well as all of your Christmas projects on the sidebar!! Would love for you to link up @ Find Your Craft Friday over on my blog... Have a great Friday!

    Emily @ BabyBerry

  10. so clever!

    come visit me anytime.


  11. This is such a cute idea & I love all of your trees!

  12. A wonderful creations. Thank you ever so much for sharing your talent. What a beautiful place you have here. I will follow on my way out so I know my path back to your door. I am sure I will spend a lot of time looking around. I hope you will find the time to come by my place for a visit and follow if you will. Take care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  13. Love the trees. I am actually looking for a tutorial for the wreath that you have hanging there. I believe its made out of paper cones. Thanks

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