November 16, 2011

Mini Pumpkin Place Card Holders

My friend, Ashley, invited me over last week to help her come up with a Thanksgiving tablescape.  We decided to combine our ratty old silver chargers, give them a coat of chalkboard paint and then use those newly beautified chargers in her tablescape. Brilliant, no? I walked away from the deal with a set of 7 (what happened to the 8th, I wonder?) chalkboard chargers, of with to do whatever I please. Oh, I have plans for those babies. Don't you worry. 

But, first Ashley gets to use them for Thanksgiving. My friends and I have a lot of community property serving pieces. In fact, my pantry is housing a set of her 24 tiny trifle bowls that I can't bear to part with. 

But, back to my tutorial. My friend bought a bag full of these itty bitty orange pumpkins from a pumpkin patch near her home. Aren't they delightful??

We decided to use those itty bitties for place card holders. I put it together and snapped some photos of my process. It's really quite simple. 

Where did those leaves come from, you ask? Ashley cut them out with her cricut. But, I'm certain you could find precut leaves or even trace a leaf pattern and cut them out the old fashioned way. Or, you could just slip in a square name card. Or, I just thought of this, you could slip in a photograph of the person who's to occupy that seat. Oh my. That's good. I'm calling Ashley right now. 

I wrote each name out by hand because I really like handwritten things. I'm sure Oma will appreciate the touch. 

Here's a better look at our chalkboard chargers. I wonder what people will write on theirs at Thanksgiving dinner? I hope Ashley puts out a bowl of chalk so people can write what they're thankful for after the meal. 

(hint, hint)

After the place card holders were made, we put together a simple centerpiece out of gathered items: a small, Fall floral arrangement, a berry wreath, 3 white candles, a cake plate and a few more itty bitties. Very simple. This is all sitting on a framed piece of burlap. The easiest tray ever.

I think her Thanksgiving table looks very warm and inviting. And, it cost her less that $10 in pumpkins. Can't beat that.

Do you have your Thanksgiving tablescapes planned out? It's not too late to grab some itty bitty pumpkins! 
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  1. Emily, These are the sweetest touches! Isn't it nice that simple little things can pack a big punch?

  2. What a creative idea, and so simple!! You want Thanksgiving to be so nice and that can get so complicated.

  3. I really like your Thanksgiving table. Those baby pumpkins are perfect! Visiting from Serenity Now.
    :) crafty texas girls

  4. Super cute! Little gourds would look very nice too.
    For the Beauty of the Earth

  5. I love the chalkboard painted chargers! I never would have thought of that. And having people write what they're thankful for is such a great idea!


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